The Poop de’ Grass

IMG_0172The phone rang this morning.In my mind I was thinking it was about time for Brooke to call.I don’t know why but I can almost always tell when she is trying to get a hold of me.I was half right.Here is the conversation in a nut shell.It was Brooke that dialed and Collin that was talking—-


“I pooped on potty.”

“Wow,you did?”

“Yeah,I pooped on potty.”

“Well,did you wipe?” At this point I was grasping trying to keep the conversation going.

“No,Momma did.”

“What,Momma pooped too?”

“No,Momma wiped my butt.”

“Oh, well, did it stink?”

“NO” laughed my little darling and I thought well most people don’t think that theirs do.

“Wow,I am soooo proud of you Buddy!”

“Momma,Nana is so proud.” I hear Momma laughing in the background.I love my Brooke’s laugh.

Some people may not think this is a big deal but it is in the Merchant household.Collin is the only boy and the most reluctant of all the kids to become completely potty trained.He does well with number one just not number two.You know boys can just whip it out anywhere and pee but it takes a little more time to actually sit down to poop.Time is not something Collin likes to take.I have assured Brooke many times this is quite normal for boys and he will get it eventually.That saying I now have to tell you I think he has been quite enterprising in the pooping process.For a few days now he has been going in his McQueen Underoos and then making the transfer into the toilet.Brilliant I say.Still pooping in his pants and reaping an M&M anyway!Sneaky but good.But not today.Today apparently while getting in trouble with a crock pot (don’t even ask) he jumped up went in the bathroom and went poop.ON THE TOILET.For Real.

IMG_0091He is not our baby anymore,growing  everyday and now he is a bona fide in the toilet pooping guy.Brooke is worried it was a fluke but I have a feeling it is the real thing and I don’t know if I am happy about it.My last little diaper guy gone.Granted in the world of girls and princess pull ups it might not seem like much,but by George he is coming into his own in bathroom etiquette.For this when his Momma was trying to give him his M&M after the toilet was flushed and the hands were washed he said”No,I want bubble gum.”

Now that’s my boy.

6 thoughts on “The Poop de’ Grass

  1. Tristen wasn’t even potty trained at 3 years old until I came into the picture! I know Brooke wouldn’t have been proud of that so I had to jump on it right away. It took him a little longer than I remember the girls doing it. The only problem I have with him now is wiping after he poops.

  2. Good for you and Tristen! The wiping is another story.Just be patient with him and he will be a butt wiping machine before you know it.The little dudes just take a bit longer to comply.Love you

  3. Love the bubble gum story. They learn early how to work the system. When my grandson was going through it, his dad told him he couldn’t watch TV until he pooped in the potty. He thought a bit and said, “I have an idea. You poop in the potty. Then you can watch TV and I’ll sit beside you.” Great idea, but it didn’t work. 🙂

    • I know he gets it now,but you know how busy he gets so there might not be time to stop if he is doing something really important.He is trying to get the new Houuuuuuuuuuuuuse ready to move into and with all the weed wackin’ and soup makin’ he may have to make another poop transfer.Hehehe

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