A Love Nest the Beginning of Us and Don’t Ever Mock Your Mother

l&l 001I was so excited to find this picture of my cousin Debby and me in front of our little house in Sebewaing.It has some of my earliest memories of my sisters and me.They tore this house down and put a little ranch house up were it used to be.

IMG_0217Here is the  house they replaced it with and now it even looks old.The funny thing  is it is right around the corner from my mom’s house now.I guess Mom came full circle in her living area.I sometimes stalk this neighborhood to get photos and the last time I did I got scared because as I was clicking away a police car came around the corner and I thought Oh, no,I got some splainin to do.He never stopped me but I wonder if I could borrow somebodies car the next time the urge hits me.

lindas baptism 001The beginning of the Hahn Sisterhood.I love this picture of us because you can see how much I look like Daddy in it already,plus a two year old in my opinion is always cuter than a baby that is just born.Don’t get me wrong the baby turned out to be quite a looker as she got older but I have to take the best cuteness when I can get it.Oh,and my cute years are kinda lean so don’t judge me.Doesn’t Mom look happy here?

l&l1 001Linda and me on our grey couch in the living room.Behind us is the bathroom door where you could barely turn around in.As you can see Linda is now officially cuter than me.I hated this picture of us when we were little because I thought my feet looked huge.We were partners in crime even  then and this picture reminds me of my granddaughters Alexis and Peyton.

l&l3 002Here we all are on mom and daddies blond bed.Don’t you just love the Elsie Jahr hair cuts?If Linette didn’t have baby down she would have looked just like us.Linda hated getting her hair cut but I didn’t care because whatever Grandma did was alright by me.

It was in this bedroom we all slept and you could jump from bed to bed.One time we were jumping and we broke the slat on Linda’s crib.It looked like a slide and I was so glad it wasn’t my bed.I kept wondering how she was going to sleep on that leaning thing.

There was also a dresser that held Lori’s baby shoes and when she was in the hospital I showed them to Linda and we cried and cried because we were so lonesome for her.The next day Daddy loaded us up and to Saginaw we went.He took us on the elevator(laughing at us because we were scared).When the door opened there stood Mom holding Lori so we could see her.She was smiling at us and then we had to go because Daddy brought us up there and no kids were allowed.Lori told me she remembers that even though she was so little.

My Mom always kept that little house immaculately clean.One time she had just waxed the kitchen floor and Linda and I were sneaking to the back door to go outside and she caught us walking on the wet floor.We high tailed it into the tiny utility room.She was yelling and we were making fun of her back there sticking our fingers in our mouths to make our mouth look huge laughing and acting stupid being so brave.We thought it was so funny her yelling.We weren’t afraid of her,the floor was wet and she couldn’t walk on it.Linda was following right along with my antics and we could have been a comedy act until I saw Linda’s face freeze.I turned around and there stood Mom nostrils flaring,red faced,and hand twitching as she watched us MOCKING her.Lesson learned—never mock your mother.

That little house was our beginning and I believe our own personal love nest.It was a time before stepfathers and poverty.We were a little family that had two parents that loved us and cared for us.I know now that in our beginning we were the center of our mom and dad and for that I am so thankful.I wish that we could have continued down that life but it wasn’t meant to be.I write this to remind us that we were important and we were a blessing even if sometimes it didn’t feel like it.I loved that little house.The size of it’s walls were small but the love inside was immeasurable.

6 thoughts on “A Love Nest the Beginning of Us and Don’t Ever Mock Your Mother

  1. Ok, Sis. I check up on you by reading your blog. I try to be undercover about it and not respond. But I gotta tell ya that this one made me cry so I might not be able to do this anymore:) Love you so much,Sis. Thank you!! Suz

    • My Sweet Sweet Sister you don’t have to sneak,I love it when you reply and just as much as our past is a part of us it also belongs to our kids and grandkids and that is why I write.Thank you for giving me my Dee and Zach and all they have brougt to my family.I love you too,Suzy Q.Your Big Sis

  2. Gotta say – this one hit me hard. I can still see us all sitting waiting for the big flash. I also could feel the love I had for my sisters missing each of them and my Mom and Dad. Daddy would do anything for us girls and even if it meant breaking hospital rules he hated to see anyone unhappy and family meant the world to him. The love was there and still is and always will be for me! Thank you for reminding me of our little house. I will think of it as the love Nest now and forever!

    • Linda,I have so many more memories of that little love nest and I plan on sharing them but sometimes I like to savor the memory to myself before I write it down.I am so glad my sisters like reading this and our kids too.Sometimes I feel like this blog is a family watering hole and lt makes me feel good.I will keep it up as long as my family wants me to.Love you Liz

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