Ain’t It Good To Know You Got A Friend

IMG_0236Last week I went over to my friend Ev’s after PT.We have been partners at work together for years.I guess we know more about each other than anybody else knows about us.Working together on the line we would admit to things that happened in our lives that you just couldn’t tell anybody else because it was too embarrassing.Over the course of our careers at TI we have been separated but we always wind up back together.We have worked side by side for so long we know just how the other one does things and people get our names mixed up so often we answer if they say either Ev or Liz.

The funny thing about working together closely like we do is that a lot of the same things happen to us at different times in our lives but even weirder is the stuff that happens at the same time.As you can see we are both laid up right now.It has happened in the past and now I think if one of us gets hurt the other one might as well plan on going for medical treatment too.She is like my sixth sister and even if I don’t talk to her for weeks all I need to do is pick up the phone and there she is.The same goes for her with me.We have laughed on the line until I couldn’t catch my breath.We have been devastated over sick parents and over the moon with happiness at the birth of our grandkids.

We have tried every diet known to man and every shoe on the planet for sore feet.Wrinkle creams,healing oils,vitamins,and home remedies have been shared and to tell you the truth most of the time we have wasted our money,but we did it together so it wasn’t so bad.

We have rode to work together even longer than we have been partners and I don’t know if that is good or bad.We are so used to each other that a lot of stuff happens.She has almost let me choke to death during a coughing attack,I thought,don’t stop and pound me on the back or anything because we might be late.

One day I dosed off behind the wheel on the way home for about three seconds.We were heading for a HUGE ditch and she never said a word.I was like “Ev,I fell asleep!” She looked at me with a grin.I guess she knew I would wake up or maybe she was sleeping too.

There was the time when her husband Randy bought this car that was going to save us gas money.Well,I guess it did but we couldn’t keep it running unless Ev gunned it.I mean she couldn’t stop at stop signs because it would stall and she had a hard time getting it going again.As she was going around the corner she put the pedal to the metal and looked at me and said,”OH,NO,Coppers.”She got us out of Dodge so fast they never got us.

  The time I love the most though was when I was driving and we were stopped at a stop sign.A semi was turning and I thought he was going to chop off our head so I started leaning my body  to the left hunkering down.She looked at me and said,”Liz,put her in reverse.”Oh, ya, good idea Maynard!

We are Thelma and Louise.We are Laurel and Hardy.We are Ev and Liz.I am so blessed to have her for my friend.She is also lucky to have me because I keep her in check.I know that sometimes I have to get firm with her but it is for her own good.She loves to talk and sometimes we have to go.She has to keep me in check to and I am thankful she does.She always has my back and I have hers.

I hope all of you have an Ev in your life.They come in handy and they just get better with age.Thank you God for my good buddy.

So if you see two middle aged ladies on crutches or driving an amigo it might be us.We will be laughing and don’t worry it won’t be about you.It will be about something stupid that one of us said.That’s the way we roll and I for one love it.

6 thoughts on “Ain’t It Good To Know You Got A Friend

  1. Oh how I miss Ev! I hope she is doing well and hopefully gets off those crutches soon!
    You know what they say about friends..better to have one best friend then 15 friends. ❤

  2. So funny! That’s the kind of friend everyone needs. Love the image of the car you can’t stop in. I’m pretty sure I’ve driven some of those. Had to always keep it rolling.

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