Dentist Day Or I Need My Mother Please Get Me My Mother

IMG_0291On my way home from PT my phone rang and it was Brooke inviting me to go to the dentist with her and the kids.Of course I went because I knew that all the kids were so excited for this day.Brooke has been practicing with the little ones especially Collin because he has never been to the dentist.Oh, and also he has a tendency to bite hard when you try to get anything out of his mouth.He also can clamp his mouth shut in a vise like grip if he doesn’t want to open his mouth.Kind of like how a Pit Bull does.That’s why all the practice plus the kids are trying to get their other house finished so they can get in it and they don’t need a law suit.From biting.You know like they do for dogs.Anyway everybody was ready and willing.

IMG_0277We get there and forms because as I said no one has seen the puppy,I mean Collin,in this office.

IMG_0276See we are all happy and excited.Brooke told them they could go to McDonald’s if everybody behaved.They were really good kids.

IMG_0279First came Alexis and good job.No cavities and all she has to do is worry because she is going to have braces in the future.She will too because she can be a little worry wart.

IMG_0281Then came Miss P.Here she is bedazzling everyone.She was so excited every time she saw Dr. Nick saying –There’s my dentist,there’s my dentist like he was a movie star or something.And no cavities.Good job Peyton.Your Godmother will be proud of you.

IMG_0280Meet Dr. Nick. He has been our family dentist for over 20 years.He was teasing me that he could remember seeing my kids when they were as little as the grandkids.My niece Jami started her stint in dentist work with him when she was still in high school.How time flies.

IMG_0282Next came tiny Landyn.She was so proud.I sit on the chair all by myself Nana.Brooke went in with her even though I think the little trooper didn’t need her.My grandkids are fearless aren’t they?She knows the dentist because she had a tooth knocked loose do to an accidental head bump from Peyton.I mean look at this little darling.She is one tough cookie.Besides if the big girls do it she is going to too.

IMG_0285All done and waiting for Dr. Nick to check her teeth.Yup no cavities.Good job Precious!

IMG_0283And then there was this.

IMG_0284I want my Momma,I want my Momma.He was scared shirtless.The kid hates any body in any kind of medical clothes.

IMG_0287Brooke did her magic and Collin got his teeth cleaned.He still looks scared doesn’t he?It wasn’t his cup of tea but he got through it.Also—–no cavities.Yay four for four!


IMG_0288IMG_0290All done and this reminded me a little of Halloween with the bags and treats and all.Just so you know Collin ate all of his chap stick they gave him before we got home.I think he got that from me,you know the medication of food when under stress thing.We can’t help it.

IMG_0292Our victory no cavity fast food lunch.Nothing like a Happy Meal to make you happy,and a mom to get you through a teeth cleaning.

6 thoughts on “Dentist Day Or I Need My Mother Please Get Me My Mother

  1. Awe, my little buddy! I understand why he would be afraid of anyone in medical clothing, poor guy. Uncle Jared is SUPER proud of you, Collin and of Alexis, Peyton and Landyn! Great job!!!

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