In The Land of Torcher Therapy Or Give Me Just Five More


Come into my web says the spider to the fly.That’s what it feels like every Monday Wednesday and Friday for me.All of you that read The Blog know that I have had surgery on my left knee or as Alexis told her friend,be careful around my nana she just had her knee removed.It has been an experience that I will never forget and mostly from my two favorite therapists Deanna and Denise.The D&D can be heartless in there restoration of your body while at the same time looking like they sing in the church choir.Isn’t that cool that you can kind of see me in the mirror.I hope Denise doesn’t notice because she will tell me STAND UP STRAIGHT.

IMG_0268This is Deanna.I have her about half the time and those hands of hers worked wonders on my leg when it was full of fluid.She massaged and pulled and prodded until I am not kidding you I had to go to the restroom three times before I left the building.She can be verrrrrrry sneaky though as she makes you lean against a wall with a piece of rubber around your leg pulling and pushing while talking about her poor body being sore from horse back riding.I think to myself,well, let me help you,I know a good physical therapist that will get those kinks out.And here she is—-

IMG_0269Yup, that’s Denise the king pin of the operation and if you run into her be very afraid.She has various methods of pain inflicting devices and she is not afraid to use them.


IMG_0270Here is her stairway to hell,with the chariot of abuse right behind it.She would gleefully tell me quit wobbling,you can do it,you are the queen of compensation,and you are going to have to work harder on bending that knee.If I could have got my knee up high enough I would have shown her just exactly how much I enjoyed her encouragement.

IMG_0271After I would be soaking in my own sweat from the abuse they would take me back here.It looks comfortable enough,right.WRONG!Here they would put me in the most excruciating pain I have ever endured trying to get my knee to bend to the bed.Just one more set,just one more set,just one more set.I would be soooooo good and all the while plotting in my head how in the name of all that is Holy could I get them back.Especially that Denise.She was like the Gestapo and I was not German if you know what I mean.

All kidding aside these girls are about the two biggest blessings I have had in my life.Denise says we met in the hospital and I don’t even remember her being there but she remembered me.She told me I was strong from the get go and she pushes me because she knows I can do it.When she says it,it gives me that little extra boost I need to get that last set done.The D&D are great motivators and at the same time caring.Thank you girls and God bless you for putting up with me.

So if you have someone that needs physical therapy send them to my two D’s.I know Deanna will be there with a smile.I am not so sure about that Denise.There’s a rumor that she might get a new job.I heard it was for a prison………………..Like I said be very afraid.

8 thoughts on “In The Land of Torcher Therapy Or Give Me Just Five More

  1. If I would have known that it was like that I would have insisted that I continue to drive you there. At least that way you could rest a little more on the way home.

  2. Pain is your gain dear sister! God bless D&D their doing to you what I always wanted to do! Just Kidding! All kidding aside thank God for people like them! Love Ya!

    • Linda,They are two of the most caring girls I know.Oh,and you couldn’t even give the little girls a likkin you had to call me so I guess that says something about how strong I am.I love you too.

  3. Liz, I had to laugh at your tongue-in-cheek descriptions of PT. It reminded me of my own experiences. I had disk problems that caused extreme cramping in my hip and leg and after surgery spent 6 months in PT. The exercises weren’t too bad, but the massage was torture. The tiny therapist stood on a stool to get a better vantage point from which to inflict pain, put her elbow on the cramped muscle, and then “slid” down the length of my thigh putting all her weight behind it. Her pillows probably still bear my teeth marks!! God bless you with a speedy recovery.
    In His Love,

    • I know right? But thank goodness for them because they are really helping me get out this terrible soreness and I do feel so much better after I have been there.It is just in the moment you feel like you could go into orbit.God’s Blessings Liz

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