The DS Pictures And My Lost Tooth

HNI_0004Today I have a guest blogger to entertain you.It is Alexis Merchant and we are very tight.The pictures that you will see are some she took on her Nintendo DS.So take it away Lex.

HNI_0028Here we are in the computer room.We couldn’t get a better picture of me and Nana.I laughed so hard at Nana’s face.I just love my Nana.You already know but I think it is a goofy picture.


HNI_0020Today I am going to tell you of my lost tooth.

HNI_0019Here is my tooth on the kitchen counter.I hate getting my teeth pulled.My Mom and Dad say I leave my teeth in my mouth hanging by a thread,but this time it wasn’t.

HNI_0022This is what happened.Can you guess what it means?

After I got my tooth out I lost it on the counter somewhere and I got worried the tooth fairy wouldn’t pay me without the tooth.

HNI_0021I wrote a letter to the tooth fairy and put out my DS with the picture of my tooth beside the letter and went to bed.Here it is.

Guess What? IT WORKED and I got Two Dollars for it.

HNI_0017I just wanted to show you this picture of me and my Papa.He doesn’t even know I did this.I love my Papa.

HNI_0024So here is my story of a girl sitting at the table with an apple and a tooth.The End.

8 thoughts on “The DS Pictures And My Lost Tooth

  1. Alexis, this is a wonderful story! Nana did a wonderful job helping you do this! I’m so excited to see beautiful pictures of you and I miss you so very much everyday! I love you Lexi Lou!

    Aunt Bethy 🙂

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