You’re Landyn In The Love Zone

IMG_0089This is Landyn Anne.The baby of the family by a few minutes.That is what she looks like all the time.When she was tiny Brooke and I always wanted to cuddle and she never liked it.You would find her most of the time perched on her dads lap binky in her mouth like Maggie Simpson watching the TV.We would ask Mike how he got her to sit there so nice and he would say I just leave her alone.She never had to worry about dodging kisses and cuddles when she was on the recliner with her dad.

She is now my biggest kiss and hug giver and I love it.She talks so fast and in a robot voice most of the time.Just think of Rosie the maid on the Jetsons and you’ll know what I mean.She just wants to be one of the big girls like Peyton Alexis and Maddie and yet because she is so tiny it is sometimes a hard task to accomplish,even though she is determined to do it.101_0919The kids are always carting her around just like people did to her mother when Brooke was little.She was always tiny too.Most of the time she lets them because then she gets to be one of them and that is her main goal in life.Can you tell that her and Maddie are tight?

Last night I went over there with Cherrio treats and everybody got one after their bath.Poor Landyn was sitting by me after her treat and I noticed she had a piece of Cherrio  still stuck on her chin.I was in the process of digging it off with my nail when she said”Nana,that’s my boo boo.”Here I was trying to scratch off a scab.Poor kid!

Later on Alexis,Peyton ,Brooke and me got into a rather heated card game of donkey and the twins were playing with the extra cards on the other side of the table.I wasn’t paying to much attention to them because the card game is quite fast and I don’t want the grandkids to win when I looked over and there was little Lanny trying to shuffle real fast and saying pass two cards,pass two cards,pass two cards.I laughed.She was serious as a heart attack.

100_0741This is how she is laughing all the time.This was when we went to Splash Village.Couldn’t you just eat her up in this picture!That was a year ago and she still looks just like that.I think she will be like her Aunt Alisha and always have that young look.

She can be stubborn as the day is long.You never know,I have seen her go after her mom with a NO I WANT NANA DO IT for no reason and then just as fast it was over.She was always petrified of any one that chewed gum and blew bubbles.Sometimes I would forget and blow a bubble and she would slink away with a terrorized look on her face to her mothers lap.100_0903She is her brothers side kick and they do love each other.I know Brooke was not excited when she found out she was having twins but she sure is glad now that she did.Landyn is our last little Merchant Wonder but she is always trying to keep up with the pack.

Now I will leave you with this.We were at their new house the other day and over there Brooke got the kids two kittens.One in particular I think is not quite all there because it lets the kids haul it around any way any where.Landyn had it and it was purring.She looked at us and said”This cat is Snoring!”And yet again I laughed.

10 thoughts on “You’re Landyn In The Love Zone

  1. Uncle Greg and I waited a long time for Lanny to love us now she is so excited when she sees us like we are one of her best friends. I love the little mini mouse in her fast talk – she’s going to be a smart one I believe!!! I love you Landyn sweet girl!

    • Lex I love it that you are commenting on my web sight. You know I wrote this blog for you and your sisters and brother and Little Peach too. I never thought about you commenting on stories. You know that Landyn just idolizes you. I think when I was your age my little sisters never thought that about me. You are awesome and so beautiful to me. I love you. Nana

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