If You Plant The Seed Be Prepared To Harvest The Fruit Or The Reminiscing’s of Teen Age Excuses

wholesome girl 001Oh,how glad I am not in the day to day of raising kids!The previous post comments brought back some of the most ridiculous times of my kids.I could have strangled them with their own hair I got so mad at them and like my niece Jami if there was a wrong doing that I found out about there was a price to pay.Sometimes my nerves were so bad when they looked me in the face and lied I could have sent them into orbit.I realize taking the low road to Truthsville is not easy but I always told them if they were brave enough at the time to do it they should be brave enough to own up to it.And still I would get senseless and ridiculous reasons as to what happened.Here a few of my favorites…….

I am going to Sebewaing to get construction paper for a school project and while they are gone a restaurant in Bad Axe 30 miles away calls and says they left their wallet there.

What,that wasn’t mine!(insert anything illegal)

I can’t be like (anybody who isn’t in trouble at the moment)you always loved them best.

I don’t know where that came from,I never saw it in my life.

I was so tired from work that is why I was trying to crawl in the roll top desk for a nap while pretending I was shaking the French fry fryer at McDonalds.

A cat,a dog,an armadillo ran out in front of the car and so I had to take the ditch.You should be proud I saved a life.

But,Mom I love him and he is so good.

My friend bought it for me.

I’m sick with the flu.

Dad says that it is OK.

I never meant it.

I learned a hard lesson and I will never do that again,so isn’t that punishment enough.

You never believe me.

So and So’s parents don’t care if we do that.

dating 001

Can you think of anything else to add? I could have wrote a novella with this subject having had four teenagers under my belt.I know they thought they were always pulling one over on me and maybe sometimes they did,but not very often and as much as it killed their dad and me we always made them be responsible for their actions.We didn’t care what other people thought or said we just knew it was the right thing to do.I am so glad we did even though at the time it was soo hard and I could have hung them up by their toenails.I hope they all feel like that now too.

Now kids a few words of advice if you have kids of your own or nieces and nephews that you love.It tickles me to death that you are walking the very same walk that your mother and I have.Enjoy,relax,and breathe.What you say you can’t because one of the kids hate you for a well deserved punishment? Remember those feelings a short time ago were directed at your very own mother,so you know they will get over it.

Grandmas here is a little tidbit for you,your grandkids are going to need you now more than ever.They think we are from the olden days and have no idea we were teens at one time.Just think how smart we sound to them now even in our doddering years.They know our faith in God sustains us and we are priceless to them.Your kids are going to try to keep your grandkids on the straight and narrow because that is what we taught them.They can’t remember at this moment in time we have seen it all,done it all,and lived through it all.

We are family no matter what and kids don’t come with a no return policy.They are our future.I for one am glad of that.The only thing I wish is that each one of the kids get to raise a kid like they were be it good or bad.It makes you grow and you realize you can do anything.Oh my stars, I am woman hear me roar.I am mother hear me correct and I am grandma feel me love.Those songs from yester year come in handy.Can you hear Aretha  singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T?It is a hard lesson to be learned but one eventually that will never be forgotten.Your kids will thank you for it someday,even if they can’t stand you now.I know because all my kids love me and if we lived through it anybody can.

6 thoughts on “If You Plant The Seed Be Prepared To Harvest The Fruit Or The Reminiscing’s of Teen Age Excuses

  1. I had to smirk a little when I read this because I had just spoken with my son, Zach, last night and he was telling me about how his little Bailey has some trouble staying in bed at night. She wanders around. He said one night he woke up and she was digging around in the fridge at 3 a.m. and he asked her why she was in the fridge and she said, quite simply, “I’m hungry!” (She’s 3 years old.) When Zach was a little man I was a firm believer in making my kids take naps. Every day I made him and Dee lay down and sleep. (Quite honestly it was more for my sake than theirs. I was exhausted!!) Besides, Grandma Jahr was my inspiration for this as she was a firm believer in the whole nap thing, too. Anyway, a few years ago, my darling son confessed to me (quite gleefully) that when we laid down for nappy time I was the only one that slept because when him and his sister knew that I was asleep they snuck outside and played!!! I was horrified!! My 4 an 5 year olds were outside alone and I was sleeping. My God, how many times did they punk me like that? I mean really! Lions, and tigers and bears! Oh my! Didn’t they know the state would have gladly taken them away from me??? So, all I have to say is “Scooter, keep the front door locked and make sure you sleep with one eye open. You’re gonna need to. Lol. Love you Liz.

    • Suz,Don’t you love to hear those stories?NOT.The only consolation is now we know when we were raising our kids that must be what happens.I remember laying down for a nap with Grandma Jahr one time and after she fell asleep I was rummaging around in her jewely box amazed at all the shell jewelry she had and a orange beaded necklace that I wanted to steal,but didn’t.love you,Sis.

      • Well,actually I’m with you on this one. I dont love them stories:) The funny thing about the whole nap story was that Zach just told me about that maybe last year. He thought it was hilarious. Soooo deep in my heart I’m wondering if he was hoping,as a child that social services would come and get him. Hehe I dont know, maybe I was a weird kid because I didn”t mind taking a nap on those green sponge things at Grandmas. (Except when she made me and Loretta sleep on them in the front hall closet.) Oh, right now I’m feeling the urge to dig around in a couch and find some pudz!!! LOVED my Grandma!!! Hey, dont feel bad about wanting to steal from Gram. I singlehandedly almost demolished her entire collection of African violets. AND it was premeditated. I think in todays world she coulda got me for grand larceny. First degree. xoxo Suz

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