I Put The Hugh In Humor On This Dog Day Afternoon


Hi, My name is Hugh or Beans or I Pee on anything Rubber.I am  a bundle of energy and you either like me  or you don’t and I  really doesn’t care either way because I know my people family are crazy about me.

Here is my police line up mug shot.They collared me up after I made a fast get away and worried the family unnecessarily.

I got caught on the fly trying to get a rabbit in the neighborhood.

I peed in Greg’s shoes and terrorized his home when my people went to Mexico.

I love gourmet food even though it is not good for me.I get it when no one is looking.I mean Jami my person is a wonderful cook.

When I want to I can be the most respectful dog you have ever met but watch out,I love to change things up.

I have tried and tried to be friends with Flower my cousin dog ,but she never gives me a chance.It is not my fault she is sooooo stinking little and is afraid of everything.

I am a REAL MAN when it comes to my idea of fun,this means I have all my male parts intact and I plan on using them if I ever get the chance.My people know this is true because I tend to practice on legs and things.

If you happen to see me on the loose please get a hold of my person Jami because I really don’t want to leave her,I just get over come with the wind beneath my wings at times and I forget that I am in charge of homeland security in Cass City.


8 thoughts on “I Put The Hugh In Humor On This Dog Day Afternoon

  1. So true for the Hugh! Greg and I stopped by Jami’s last night and the little guy was so happy to see us, jumping and acting like my grandma and grandpa stopped to see me (not to say I really wanted to see spend time with Dakota, Hope and Brayden, him too of course – Jami and Chuck were not in so they left Hugh to gaurd the homstead). Hugh was acting a little suspicious tho. Hope and Brayen were beening accused of shooting the tv with play guns and broke the screen. Needless to say they really don’t know how it happened and there sits Hugh looking guilty as ever – I think he got the gun and was playing policedog gaurding his beloved family when he heard a sound coming from the tv and shot it. Oh my Lord, please make him fess up so my grandbabies don’t have to be punished for a crime they did not do!

    • Boy, do they have you bedazzled grandma 😉 I’m glad you were there to listen to their (clear my throat) tho, cuz this mama is not bending. As much as it is killing me and as much as I am missing them like crazy I love them to much to sway from the hidden truth. P.s. the pellet was beneath the TV (they mighta left that part out) thank GOd for chuck cuz I might have thought was my vacuum cleaner ricker shaying the pellet ….he knew exactly what happened since he was the one who told them to go outside and play with the guns. PSS…if you happen to stop by again and hope is home … She said she wasn’t coming as she rolled around in the yard screaming( I don’t think she realized she was laying where the dog sh**s (oops)!

      • yikes it is so much fun raising kids,how I wish for those days back,NOT!Don’t worry Honey it seems like the days never end but tomorrow you will wake up and they will all be productive citizens and you will be so proud of them.Love you Aunt Liz

    • Linda,do you really want Hugh in JAIL,you know Jami will make him pay if he did the shooting,and sigh,look how cute he is,a target for all dog lovers in the slammer.

  2. Sissy – you know I was just kidding around. I always want things back to normanl – whatever that maybe!

    My loving daughter is a great mother and wants what every Mother wants – her children to one day grow up and love her as much as she loves them, to respect and give back as we have with them. God bless us all and show us all how to love as he has loved us.

  3. Well said sis and I know our Jami is a great mom because I can’t believe how much she reminds me of me and I know I was awesome,Just ask my very smart kids.I really still love this mug shot of Hughie!

  4. You guys are great moms….all of you. And Hugh, well, he needs some calming down regardless of who shot the t.v.! A visit to the vet sometime soon? 🙂

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