Take Me Out To The Ball Game

softball a&pToday was our very last little girl ball game for the season.As you can see both of our girls were number one.How appropriate!They played on two different teams and so we had to different mind sets as we went to their games.

IMG_0029Miss P’s games were a lot more laid back as they just go through the batting order and nobody is ever really out.Everybody is learning how to bat,throw,and catch the ball,run the bases and be a good sportsman.I don’t know why but Peyton thought she had to slide into home every time she got there and the last game she was the last batter so she got to run the bases all the way around instead of stopping after every hit for one base.She loved that and always had a big grin on her face when she slid into home.We were proud when her Papa and I got to see her catch a pop up at one game.The look of pride and wonder on her little face was priceless.The parents were all shouting words of encouragement to their kids and the atmosphere was wonderful.I loved going to these games.

IMG_0078Alexis’s games were different.People sometimes not believing the calls an eighth grade umpire called and the girls themselves knowing more about the game itself brought on a different feeling.Even I would get nervous when the girls made a mistake afraid they would feel bad or someone would holler at them.The last game was something some of the people there should be ashamed of and I still can’t believe how they acted.One mother hollering at the girls coach for something she didn’t like right in front of the kids.I wanted to take Alexis and get out of Dodge.

I just wonder why people can’t be like my son-in-law Mike and teach their kids the rules and explain like a grown up,not a seven year old throwing a fit.If you think about it a ball game is a lot like life.

1.Life has innings and each one important from the first exciting moment to the last climax at the end and each one has it’s own partnership in the game.

2.You can’t play a game of ball all by yourself no matter how you try,so you are no good without your team mates.Alexis get with your team don’t be sitting here by your Nana.

3.Respect goes a long way and you have to be mindful even if the umpire makes a wrong call and adjust your batting as to how they are calling.Like life sometimes the calls are bad but you have to know when to swing or not.

4.Winning is important no doubt but having your family there to see you lose with grace is a far greater task.

5.Practice, practice, practice at your skill and you gain confidence that leads to knowledge and sometimes victory.

6.A good mentor is a blessing from God.Mike is in the back yard constantly helping the girls with the fundamentals of catching,throwing,and batting.There is much fun to be had in all of the hard work and the time he spends with his girls will be a benefit to them all and a memory none of them will ever forget.

7.Play to have fun and to win.I don’t care if you win every game,you need to have fun trying your hardest.Life is the same way.You have to be happy with what you are doing and even if you’re not the greatest at your job you need to be fulfilled when you do it.

8.When the going gets tough thank God for your family.It is our job to make our kids feel they are FULL of worth and sometimes that means a trip to to Dairy Barn after the game.Everything is better with ice cream and a parent there to share it with.



We love our ball and our little ball players.Thank you Alexis and Peyton.You were awesome and we love you.

I love hearing from you so please comment

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