The Piercing of Miss P


Miss P turned six this last week and got her ears pierced for her birthday.Look how excited she is.Her baby blues are a dead give away as to what is going through that over active mind of hers.



Do you think she was a little worried when they started marking her ears to get each earring in just the right spot?I was getting a little sick to my stomach at this point because I hate any kind of hurt inflicted on my babies.We had talked about how the piercing might pinch and it would be a little uncomfortable but in the end you sure are beautiful and she decided it was worth it.Here I wonder if she is worried she made a big mistake and maybe she should take a run for it.

IMG_0153Thank God they called someone and she got both ears done at the same time because the very loud OUCH that she hollered would have resulted in only one ear done I am sure.Look how nervous she is with her little arms wrapped around herself.Of course I got tears in my eyes because I do that and her mom let out a nervous giggle because that is what she does.Her sisters Alexis and Landyn were both looking on with morbid curiosity,Alexis not quite believing she was going through with it.

IMG_0154A very happy girl over her new earrings.The first few days she would have to check on her earrings about every half hour in the bathroom mirror just amazed at how beautiful they looked.She loves her bling and can’t wait to show them off.Pony tails and braids will be the hair style for the summer so people can admire her gorgeous ears and she has plans of matching earrings for her Nana and herself.Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I  wonder if we are the same size.

It sure is funny how your life changes when you turn six.School all the day long in the fall and now the beautiful sparkling ear lobes.She can’t wait for Aunt Bethy the fashion icon in the family to see them and I guess I can’t blame her.It isn’t every day you get to show off how brave you are,and you never know maybe when Aunt Bethy sees them a new pair of earrings might come in the mail just for her.She is our little Minnie Bethy all girl and loving it.Look out world here  she comes in her nail polish,sundress,and earrings melting every heart that comes in her path.When you see her you’ll know who she is.She is the princess with the new flowers in her ears and  she’ll probably be looking in some mirror at them not quite believing that she did it but so happy that she did.Miss P you are a wonder!

8 thoughts on “The Piercing of Miss P

  1. Wow! She is very pretty. My Madison went to get her ears done on her birthday this year and decided not yet! She isn’t ready for the pinch yet!

    • Linda she almost backed out too.I don’t know what made her change her mind.Alexis is the one that was worried and maybe had her nose out of joint just a little because she wasn’t quite brave enough to do it.The lady told us Peyton had thin lobes and Brooke and I are both like WHAT we thought they were fat.I mean they do not look thin at all.

  2. Mom, I’m so proud of my tader-tot!!!! I can’t wait to start sending her special little earrings but also send Alexis special gifts too so she can feel special no matter what she decides to do! 🙂 I miss everyone so much everyday! Love you mom and I’m so glad Peyton did so good with it! 😀

    • She was a little scared but she was a trooper.It was a fun day because all of the little girls went with us to therapy for the knee first,then Walmart for the big event.

  3. Jared you should have seen us.Landyn Peyton and me riding the Amigo in Walmart and laughing at each other.At one point Tate was driving and said to me Nana let’s get this party bus going.

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