Not Just Any Old Gift

IMG_0093Here he is Folks.He is that guy you see hanging around Walmart on Friday night.It could be any town in Michigan because he goes to any number of them.He tries to drag me along but now with the bad knees and all I usually don’t have to go.Last week before I went under the knife(more on that later)I had a great idea.

I snuck to Walmart on my own to get him something for Fathers Day,which technically I did not have to do because he is not my father.I am just nice like that.

Then Cam said to me,”Beautiful(he always calls me beautiful)take me along and we will do him the greatest present ever.”So off we went.To Hungarian Work Horse’s favorite store in the whole world on a mission of Operation I Never Promised you A Rose Garden For Fathers Day.

Cam said the first thing to get you would be a card so here it is


Isn’t that a perfect resemblance of you and guess what, not just any cheap card, this one is musical.When my knee heals I’ll go back and learn the song that goes with it.It was kind of funny You do it all,You do it all,You do it all.I couldn’t sign the card so I will here.Love you Precious,Liz


How about these new shorts.I know you don’t want to replace the blue jean ones from 1986 but Darling it is time.


I then saw this Old Spice,your favorite and look you will smell like an exotic Vacation which reminds me of our honeymoon.


I was just a baby when we got married.I didn’t realize that you grew that mole on your ear after we were together because it is not noticeable here.You love that mole.You call it your cancer detector and I don’t know why.


Isn’t your dog cute?This is so nice,because if we keep him here you don’t even have to feed him or worry about fleas or anything.I named him Nervie because he bites his nails all the time.Poor thing.


I got you this bird feeder and even seed to fill it.Now that is love people because you know how I feel about birds.As you can see even the bird feed makers know they are wild.

IMG_0129IMG_0131I saw the Aluma wallet and threw that in the cart,then came across the XL version and got you that instead.I want you to be able to put everything you need in your wallet and not have to carry a purse.


I am now going to serve you a romantic dinner for two or if you want to invite someone that is ok.I thought outside might be fun so here is the torches and the fuel because you know I love to light me some candles and you won’t have to worry about the house burning down.


We will be having your favorite steak and straight from Vienna.Nothing but the best for you.

IMG_0112I got you a Coke,your favorite.


And to top it off a Late night snack of your favorite dessert.I don’t know if that is Ben or Jerry on the package but who cares.


Last but not least how about this night gown I am going to be wearing.I got it because you always call me Kitten and it came in my size.I just wish I could have found matching slippers,oh wait maybe I can borrow Ariana’s that she got for her birthday.That would really finish it off.

I love my HWH more than free money day at the bank.He is my guy and he is great and he will be soooo proud of my Fathers Day surprise.Just ask him.He loves a good bargain and this way he doesn’t have to take anything back.

Thank you God For My Mr. Kovach.I am blessed.

5 thoughts on “Not Just Any Old Gift

  1. Liz, as usual I’m running way behind on my reading. I loved this gift idea. I’ll have to use it for my husband some time. He hates to shop, but even more, he hates to pay the bills after I shop!

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