Push The Button

sneak 001All right the gig is up.I know a lot of you are reading this.Now don’t deny it even as you sit there looking at that idiot behind my back.Greg,is that you?No,it can’t be,look at the head,no dew rag on top, or is that just a disguise?Frankly,I have been entertaining you for quite some time and still I get no love and I am getting a little tired of it.As far as I am concerned there is nothing worse than a sneak reader.

computer woman 001I know you don’t even recognize me anymore,do you? Here I am cranking out one spectacular blog  right after another while you get to reap the benefits.Just look at the weight I’ve lost sitting here chained to the keyboard in a trance because I am so focused trying to help all of you have a few moments.As you can see I haven’t even had time to get my hair cut or paint my nails.I used to have bangs people.

How do I know this you ask?I found out by looking around in my blog stats.Do you know that in a period of three days over a hundred clicks went to this site and sadly(yes, that is me slobbering and blowing my nose in the background)only six people hit the like button.

Oh,I know when you hit the like button a little screen comes up and asks you for your email and name and it does take what,thirty seconds to fill in? It takes less time to write out a check.What? You say you don’t write checks,you use your debit card,well, ok, what about your beloved Facebook account,huh.I bet you type for that don’t you now.If you think that I am going to like send you all pornographic pictures or hack into some account you have that is not going to happen.I am a Christian you know and you have never even heard me swear on this blog,well,except for when Brooke was little and SHE said that not me.

Another thing while I am at it.All of you know that I have bad self esteem issues and only one good eye.If you even push the rate this button it will help.I don’t care if you don’t like the post,just do it.I can take constructed criticism.My spell check does it all the time and we are still friends.You don’t even have to fill anything out for that,just hit the button.I am getting sick of going back to my site over and over again to click just to make myself feel good.

To the people that do take the time a GREAT BIG THANK YOU,and to the Lindas and the Kims and others that I don’t know that actually leave a comment just know you made my day.I love each and every one of your comments and I have not made out my will yet so you guys never know….

To the rest of you in my family that I know are reading this at this very moment, don’t let me get those hundreds of cardboard boxes of family photos out.I have something on all of you and I am not afraid to use it.Just ask Brooke.

Now I am going to pack for the hospital.No,it’s not the psychiatric ward I am having surgery tomorrow and won’t be home for a few days.I can’t write for you faithful ones because I am to poor to afford a laptop to bring along.Don’t worry though I will bring along Cam and take a lot of pictures.I love Cam.He always leaves a comment,sigh,he just signs it anonymous.

13 thoughts on “Push The Button

  1. I like, I like! 😀 I also know how you feel, getting lots of hits and not so many comments. lol

    I hope your surgery goes well tomorrow and you have a very speedy recovery! I will be looking forward to more of your amazing writing really soon! 😉

    Take care!

  2. Oh Liz, I know I’m guilty sometimes – your posts get forwarded to my e-mail, but the like button does not. So I read and move on to the next e-mail. Sorry about that – I will be more sensitive. Please don’t drag out that box, hummm, I have a box too. Shall we play dueling boxes at dawn tomorrow?

    My prayers will be with you for your surgery tomorrow and for a speedy recovery!


  3. Mom, I receive your posts in my email! Since I already have an account I will be sure to take an extra moment to comment! I love you so very much and everything you write! Love Boots

  4. I give you props for sure for writing all of these blogs. I signed up about a month ago thinking I would write one each day and I haven’t even started one. To write down (type) all my feelings and thoughts are a lot harder than said. I have your blog as the first page on my safari app. Check it almost everyday. 🙂
    I don’t hit the like button because I love them all. I see no love button. But I’ll be sure to comment more.

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