Eight is Great But Sisters Are Better

IMG_0051Yesterday was just an ordinary Monday to some people but it wasn’t to a little girl I know.Her name is Ariana Emma Deering and her mom I am sure remembers this day eight years ago very vividly.Please excuse the robber in the background.

I remember the first day I met you and was quite shocked at how you looked.The spitting image of your dad and I really thought you would look like your mother.It didn’t matter because you were cute as a bugs ear and your mom and dad were two of the proudest people I have ever seen.Both of them waited a long time to have a baby and you were very much a wonder to them.

ariana2 001This is what you looked like the day I went to see you in the hospital,your beloved Binky by your side already.You got that habit very naturally because your mother was addicted to the fake nipple as much as you were.Your similarities were already starting.I remember when you were much to big to have it I went over to Grandma and Grandpa Perkies and Grandpa Perkie told me to look at your pocket.You had five binkies shoved in it and Grandpa and I laughed and laughed.

ariana1 001Can you see why her mother is so crazy about her? On this picture I could bite your cheeks.



IMG_0055You are loved by many people and I hope you know it.I can see you love this guy.Thank goodness for Grandpa Deering!IMG_0071Your mom and Grandma Deering are a constant in your young life and are always there for you.

mom and ward 001These two love you with all of their heart and you have been a blessing to them both.Can you believe Grandpa bought you a card last year for this day already?It was like he was almost there.Here they are when they renewed their wedding vows last year at church.I remember Grandpa gave me the thumbs up sign that day that you two always did to each other.I am so thankful he asked Uncle Al and me to keep an eye out for you because I don’t know if I would have known you as well as I do.Your mom and Vern are going to do just fine with you and I am happy you have them.IMG_0058So happy Birthday, Sister!I know you tell me I am not your sister,but ask your mom,that’s what we call each other in this family.A sister is as a sister is and eight is great,but sisters are better.Remember all of your aunts love you and especially your Aunt Liz.

2 thoughts on “Eight is Great But Sisters Are Better

  1. Once again a great day was spent playing games with the kids and getting to know Onies other grandparents and cousins was just an extra bonus. The food was great and a relaxing day spent with new friends and family which I have always loved to do! Jami is having cake and ice cream Friday for Dakota’s big 16th birthday after work if anyone wants to come I’m sure we’ll find some kinda game we can all sit and laugh! Hope you had a great 8th birthday Onie! I love you! Aunt Linda

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