Good-Bye Richard Thanks For The Memories

dawson3I got up yesterday morning and while surfing the web found out that Richard Dawson passed away.He may not have been a huge TV star but he sure conjured up a lot of memories for me.Most of us remember him from the Family Feud game show,which I might add was one of my favorites,and even before that The Match Game, but I most remember him from back rubbing days when he was on Hogan’s Heroes.

daddy3 001This guy,my dad,Daddy to a seven year old girl back then, loved that show.Richard played Corporal Peter Newkirk and my dad would laugh as he watched that show with five little tiny girls crawling all over him.I realize now why all of my kids and grandkids love to be messed with,it’s a family trait from way back.My mom would be in her bedroom reading and as long as we rubbed Daddy’s back we could stay. He would lay on the floor in front of the TV and us all over him.The TV, just a small thing with rabbit ears back then but oh how we loved it and even more so with our dad on the floor.

There were times my mom would holler “Chuck,It’s time for the girls to go to bed.”I would wait holding my breath thinking maybe this time he would make us go,but he never did.Sometimes I would pretend to fall asleep just so he would carry me to bed.

He loved to be with his little girls.I do believe Linda was his favorite because he felt bad because Grandma Jahr always favored me.He loved us all though and he never got sick of us.Mom deserved a few minutes of peace because she stayed home with us while he worked and was probably half nuts dealing with five kids under the age of eight.I can’t even imagine.


I looked up Hogan’s Heroes and then I remembered McHale’s Navy another show he would crack up at.His laughter is a thing I would like to hear again because I don’t remember what it sounded like or even his voice anymore.

What I do know is this.Some people are in your life only a short time and like it or not that is all you get.So Richard Dawson hopefully my Daddy gets to meet you in person.I know he will be laughing because that is what he does.I hope time really does come full circle because you gave him much enjoyment with five little girls all over his back.So Richard,thanks for the memories today and God’s speed to your final destination.

2 thoughts on “Good-Bye Richard Thanks For The Memories

  1. Liz, I remember my dad lying on the floor with 3 little grandsons crawling all over him. My son Christian was only about 8 months old, and he got so excited trying to crawl up on his Granddaddy’s back that he threw his arms up in the air and stood up for the first time. He had the funniest look on his face when he realized what he had done. Thanks for sharing your memories and reminding me of mine.

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