The Morning Ritual

boom boxI was rocking this morning man!I am glad we live in the country because it wasn’t pretty but it was fun.Sometimes all you need is a little music to change your attitude and bring back some fun memories.


I was the oldest of six girls and getting ready for school was something else in our house.When we were little I am sure more than one of us went to school with what my grandma called a rats nest in our hair.You know what they look like,that ball of entangled hair in the back of your head that you had to wet down to get a comb through it and then when it dried it looked like softball guts.As we got older we started paying attention to our looks and our little sisters looks and a morning ritual became a fun get ready for school thing.

We had a little tiny bathroom with just a sink and a toilet.You could barely turn around in it and another room with a bathtub and a sink.These were ok but we usually got ready for school in our bedrooms.It was where some of mine and Linda’s greatest master pieces were born.We would tease the little girls hair and fix them up so they looked like one of the back up singers for Diana Ross.Little did I know until years later my sister Loretta told me she didn’t like going to school always looking like the teacher.That is probably why she went to beauty school and became a hair dresser.In a way she can thank us for putting her through the humiliation.


th_archiesIt was one morning that we realized our morning ritual consisted of The Archie’s and the song Sugar Sugar.It came on every morning about the same time as we were getting ready for school.

musical note


   You are my candy girl

  And you got me wanting you

  Honey,ah,sugar, sugar

  You are my candy girl

  And you got me wanting you

After that song was over it would be a few minutes and Lori the bus watcher would go running down the hallway yelling BUSSSSSSSSS.She acted like Paul Revere telling us The Redcoats were coming.Linda would be in the kitchen packing Linette and Loretta’s lunch(Lori always packed her own)and I would be putting the final touches on my look,scared half the time to go to school with the hair cut Linda gave me the night before.She could always talk me into some style she said she could make me look like in a magazine and it  never did.

school bus2We pretty much always made it on the bus thanks to Lori.So hear is the second verse to our song girls,from me to you and I mean every word of it.


I just can’t believe the loveliness of loving you

(I just can’t believe it’s true)

I just can’t believe the wonder of this feeling too

(I just can’t believe it’s true)

That song made me rock this morning just like it did forty years a go.It is a classic Hahn Girl rat your hair song and I will never forget it.Love you sisters.

2 thoughts on “The Morning Ritual

  1. I had to put that song on Mom and listen to it as I read this one. It made me smile, and I’m sure that song will now be stuck in my head all day! I love you! ❤ Buddy

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