Homemade or Imported that is the Question

kovach family 001I have four kids.Even if they don’t always like it they are all mine hook line and sinker.I came into this life as the oldest of six girls and I only wanted one kid.Can you guess which one? Me neither.

I have always loved kids,especially if they belonged to some one else or so I thought in my younger years.I guess you have to watch what you wish for because it was a long time before I got what I found out I wanted.

Sonny Bono and I were married and livin the life I knew was meant for me.We were young and in love.We could go and do as we pleased and we were so happy.Turn the volume up now and you can hear us singing I GOT YOU BABE in the background.

About three years went by and people started asking us when we were going to have a family.A family!We had our dog Curly and our pet dinosaur Dino(remember it was a long time ago).I had my niece Jami and I had my little sisters whenever the mom gene started to kick in.It was no big deal.

Another year and still no appearance of kids but that was OK.I had a good life.About that time though every once in a while I would have a little niggling of the baby wants but nothing to bad.It was about then we were thrust into parenthood with three little foster kids.They were with us for about a year before they were adopted into a family that could take all of them and an older brother to boot.It was then I realized we were meant to have kids and I don’t mean just one.

I was terribly lonesome for the kids after they left and decided to really work on having a baby.Sonny Bono and I never used birth control in our married life so the only explanation that I could come up with was we weren’t doing something right.By this time a lot of our friends were married and having kids so I thought maybe Sonny could ask around to see if there was something we were doing wrong.You know,like maybe eating to much garlic and killing off those little tad poley things or something.He wouldn’t do it.

It was about this time in my life I decided I didn’t want to look like Roseanne Barr anymore so I went on an all out war with the battle of the bulge.I was going to look like Sally Field if it killed me.I rode my bike everywhere and I exercised with the determination of a mountain climber at Everest.The problem was I was getting so tired every night after all this Al,I mean Sonny,was getting concerned.Doctor, here I come and you guessed it,I was in the family way.

We had Brooke and some years later Jared came along.Our family was complete.When Jared was about three years old I had a brain aneurysm and my focus came to getting better for my family.The doctors said no more kids and it scared my husband shirtless.I on the other hand thought there was no way something like this was going to change my mind on having the big family I always wanted.That brain problem was a blessing and a curse.Sonny didn’t trust me to not have kids so he went and got himself snipped,if you know what I mean,and NEVER TOLD ME.I was really mad at him but we got busy trying to think of a solution to this problem and soon came up with an answer.

Adoption was the answer and I can tell you there is no difference in the anticipation of the kid.We were so excited to get our Bethany.She was the child of her dad’s heart from the start and a sweet little girl the moment we first met her.She was about thirteen months old and in foster care.We had many home visits and finally brought her home about four months later.A baby to rock and to smell,to cuddle and to wonder.There was no difference except maybe to know God had me picked from the start to have her even if I didn’t give birth to her in the physical way.She entwined her quiet little life into ours in a matter of minutes and for that we are eternally grateful.I love this child,now a woman in the United States Navy, with everything in me.

The end of the story,right? Wrong,as after Bethany’s adoption was final I heard from someone that knew Bethany’s foster parents that the woman that had her was pregnant and I wanted that baby in the worst way.Our little Alisha was that surprise that you hear about from people that are all done having kids.Maybe like those people that have themselves fixed and find out that by some miracle they are having a baby anyway.How could you not want the girls to be together .I was right.I loved that baby the moment that I laid eyes on her and it is hard to believe she is now going to know that feeling herself in a few short months.We got her and we have never looked back.Do I wish we didn’t have four kids? No I love them all.I am so grateful God gave me the opportunity to experience motherhood in all kinds of ways.I can tell you there is no difference if they are homemade or imported.Your kids are your kids no matter what.I used to get so mad when people asked me which kids were my real kids.Listen you foolish person,they are ALL mine.I mean really,look at that picture up there.Can you tell the difference.I can’t.

7 thoughts on “Homemade or Imported that is the Question

  1. Oh my Lord – Greg and I laughed and laughed at this one. The Photo is priceless to see again. Seems like only a year ago how time have flown. Love ya! Your sis Linda

    • What are you laughing about?I know that I didn’t look the best and Brooke looks like she is tricked off at the world.but that was really the only picture of us all together.Everybody knows in real life I am way cuter than that.Thanks so much for letting me know you read this.I think a lot of people are sneak reading it.Love you and Greger both.

  2. What a pic…and you’re right….there’s no difference. You get that from mom. She always loved all her children…step or natural…the same. God love ya, Liz!

    • I think that picture is horrible but what can a person do.I know I am crazy about everyone in it.I just wish I was in my more Sally Field look.Love you Sister and thanks for coming to see me in the hospital although honostly I can hardly remember any of the first couple days.

  3. Liz, for some reason I have not been getting all of your posts. I switched something with my browser so hopefully no more snags with that. I have some catching up to do, but I love what I’m seeing. This is the first post I read of yours where I learned of your adopted children–and I can see they are all the same to you. Beautiful family with a lot of love!

    • We really are no different than any other family. We have had it all especially drama with raising the girls. No different than anyone else just maybe different issues. The girls found their birth family a few years back and realize now how blessed we were to find each other. Thanks for giving me courage.

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