A Tribute to my Daughter on Mothers Day

brookes baptism 001My step into motherhood started with this little baby and what a baby she was.To me Brooke is the true picture of motherhood and one of the best moms I know.Here she is with my grandparents and Al’s mom.

brookesbaptism2 001She was beautiful to her dad and me from the start and a blessing after a long wait.We were married about seven years before she made an appearance.

baby brooke 001I realize she looks like a sleepy baby in most of these photos but actually she was nocturnal and never slept at night until she was about two years old.I didn’t care.I was at my thinnest because I learned to go without sleep because of this precious bundle.

brooke garyswedding 001This was her first husband she thought at two and she let us all know it.At the church she beaned the brides dad over the head with that little basket.About a year later she was asked to stand up in another wedding and tried to tell them she couldn’t because she was already married to this little guy.We told her the marriage was annulled and it was OK.

brooke kdg 001It was a blink of the eye and she went to kindergarten.Her teacher made me mad because she told me Brooke was socially retarded and never colored the trees green or the sky blue and wanted her to repeat the class.We decided to move her to our church school.

birdy brooke 001I don’t know what in the name of heaven she is holding this bird for because I can’t stand them.I guess it was a good thing because I once left her in her stroller after I thought a bird was attacking me and her beloved father had to rescue her.

b&jat haags 001This is Brooke and Jared at the neighbors.They are an older couple the two of them would ride their bikes to see.Who knew that Mrs.Haag would get Brooke’s bouquet for being married the longest years later at Brooke and Mike’s wedding.I think this was my favorite time of raising these two.Look how cute both of them are and they aren’t fighting.She could get a little rough with her brother but she always always loves him.

high hair brooke 001This is her high hair days and I just hated it.I knew what battles to pick and this wasn’t one of them.I always thought she looked like she had one of those semi wind breakers on top of her head.She now hates this picture so of course I had to put it in for her brother.We should have bought stock in hair spray.

brooke confirmation 001Brooke at her confirmation.She had hurt her foot or leg or something and had to tough it out for this picture.God has always been important to my girl.She now raises her four kids in the same church she grew up in.God is good.

brooke homecoming 001Our church school only went to eighth grade so when she was a freshman she went back to the public school and she was on homecoming court.She wore her cousin Jami’s dress and she was beautiful.I video taped it and all you can hear is me bawling.I put this picture here because you can see how much she looks like her dad.They have the Kovach nose.I think that always kept her humble because she hates her nose.I love it.

brookemike rick 001Here she is at the junior prom.She was always friends with Rick and we actually didn’t meet Mike for a while.The tall one was Mike’s girlfriend at the time.We called her Amazon woman because she was so tall.I wonder if she had any idea that someday Rick would be her brother in law.

brooke grad pix 001This is Brooke’s senior picture.This girl wasn’t a minutes trouble in high school.If you told her to be in at eleven she was there at ten to eleven.I found out later she did a few shady things but nothing to out of the ordinary for a kid.She told me that her best friend asked her to try a cigarette and she told her that was the last seven minutes she was ever going to give her of her life and she kept that promise.

brooke gradwith leash 001This is Brooke walking out of her graduation ceremony.She was second in her class.Not to shabby for a socially retarded not coloring right kid.Of course by this time we had the little girls and she had her Little Wheel with her on the big walk out.

brooke jare party 001Her Aunt Linda was always special to her and here they are with Jared at one of our many family parties.She was in college here.Both of these two love their God mother.

brooke wedding 001Brooke’s wedding was a blast but one of the saddest happiest days of my life.I knew it would be hard to let go of this thing of beauty that started my own motherhood walk but it has been such a blessing to share all of her life.Brookealexisbaptism 001Here are all of my precious daughters with our little Alexis at her baptism.Brooke was born to be a mother.Alexis was a very sick baby when she was born and Brooke and Mike took such good care of her.Alexis spent time at the University of Michigan NIC unit as she was a gastroschisis baby.This means a lot of her organs were on the outside of her body when she was born.Brooke spent her birthday that year in the NIC unit and was so happy because she was holding her baby.She never once complained about the problems with her little girl.Alexis was so blessed God looked down and saw Brooke as her mother.

Brooke and Miss P 001Brooke has no idea how wonderful she is.She is kind and she is smart.She is a teacher, a wife, a daughter, and a sister,but she is also the best mom and I am so proud.I have no idea how she got to be what she is but I am so glad she is mine.Happy Mothers Day Brooke.I love you.Mom

6 thoughts on “A Tribute to my Daughter on Mothers Day

  1. Love Love Love this – Now Brooke knows that she is truely the daughter that was loved more than her cousin Jami. I love your children as if they were my own (beings we were always together and sometimes we didn’t know which one was really ours LOL) We have been blessed by our Father in heaven for the wonderful children he gave us. Love always to all of you. Your sister Linda!

  2. Thanks sissy.You know I love ALL of our kids and I feel the same way.I am so thankful for my four and don’t know what life would have been like without them and as for Jami and Josh,my life would never be complete without them either.I pray EVERY night for all six of these beautiful gifts.Happy Mothers Day Love Liz

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