Beastly Brat

100_0896This morning wasn’t the greatest for the most wonderful man in my life.Yup, that’s right I almost killed him and he deserved it.He had the nerve to give his two cents worth in my battle of the arthritic damaged and bone against bone rubbing knees.Then after he blurts out the dumbest thing in the world he has ever said he gets scared, because I looked  like this.

If you don't mind I'm eating

I could feel it coming on like a sneeze in flu season and I couldn’t stop myself.I snarled answers at him like a rabid dog and walked out.

About three hours later I got the phone call I knew I would get.

“Honey,I am so sorry I hurt your feelings”was his plea.

Of course I forgave him right on the spot because everybody knows I never hold a grudge.I was even a little sad because I had a lot of material I could have used on him because we haven’t had a thing to fight about since the kids moved out.Better yet I know now he will rub my back for an hour tonight out of guilt.I tell you the night is looking up all of a sudden.


The inner beast has been put to rest once more.

I love you Hungarian Work Horse.

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