The Ladybug is a Boy

100_0864Here is the reason I know that you can live in a foreign country and have a good life.Collin Michael is a wonder for sure.He is half of  a pair and the reason his mother had her tubes tied.

  Mother I am done when they start coming out in litters was what my daughter told me and she was probably right but what a ride we have been having with this little guy.

  He is the only boy in a world of three little girls and he does it with gusto and grime,boyness and bravery.No matter how hard the girls try to get him to lighten up he comes blazing in on his trucks,tractors,and trikes faster than a speeding bullet making one mess after another.

Barbie dolls have no place in his life except to yank out the hair and chew up their shoes.Dumping out things is a specialty of his and the taste buds must be hooked up to the boy gene in him because he has everything in his mouth.Most of his toys have teeth marks in them so why bother marking his books that he so loves because the ones that are all bit up  are a clue as to who they belong.He loves Mater and McQueen and The Three Little Pigs and can recite the stories by heart,voices and all.

He does love to play dress up and that can be a problem if your little boy body is covered up and someone knocks on the door.I Heard Mike,Collins dad say to one of is classmates last summer “No we don’t have all girls,the ladybug is a boy.”

He speaks several languages including twin with his sister and motor with his toys and basic English with a little Dutch mixed in.


100_0867Collin with twin sister Landyn and no he did not hit her over the head with that club.Most of the time they love each other.She tries to mother him to death because he needs it.He adores his Lanny as he calls her but can get very sick of her bossing.

His favorite thing in the world is to drive anything,but he especially loves the garden tractor and his Papa lets him whenever he wants.Last week  he was on the thing for a couple of hours.

He came in the house and said,”I gotta take a nap.”

That tractor riding stuff is exhausting.

100_0874He loves to pretend with his cozy coups and even though he didn’t win in the Grandma Perket 500 at the Easter race he still had fun.100_0882Collin came in third.


He is the last one to be potty trained and maybe Landyn trying to change his diaper has something to do with it. The fact that she has M&M breath every time she goes on the potty may have helped too.Anyway on to the world of boy going pee and my little story for it.

   I came over to the kids house this week to watch the twins while the big sisters had softball practice.When it came time for bath I said,”Who wants to go on the potty for me before we get in the tub?”

“I do,” says Collin.

He is standing naked in front of the toilet and he pees and he pees and he pees.He then looks at me very seriously and says,”Now I gotta shake it.”

Yup, that’s our Little Collin,our dude, just trying to make a living in the land of the pink.100_0890

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