Best Friends and Bad Mouths

100_0901My granddaughter Alexis is one of my favorite people in the whole world.She was a blessing from the moment she was conceived and continues to make me smile and be proud even in some of my blackest moods.This is a picture of her and her best friend whose name also happens to be Alexis.Our Lex is the one with no face paint,just so you know.
  Alexis and Lexie met in daycare before they went to kindergarten and they have been best friends ever since.This is the first year they have been in the same classroom so they now can play together at recess.I really don’t know why Alexis loves Lexie so much because they are nothing alike yet she treasures her friendship and they have stuck together for about five years now.It is so good for Alexis as she doesn’t have a lot of friends,just a few good ones and I guess that’s what it is all about.This is how they usually look when you see them together,all smiles and giggly like little girls are.I guess the smiles weren’t so prevalent the other day as someone tried to start something with them and a true testament of their friendship came to the surface for everyone to see.

I got a phone call from Brooke on her way home from school telling me Alexis was upset because someone told Lexie that she called her a bad name and it was a lie.Brooke being curious asked her what the name was and Alexis couldn’t remember,all she knew was she didn’t even know what the word meant.Alexis wasn’t really concerned about the word,she was more hurt about the lie.Brooke was more concerned about the word I think because she is wanting Alexis to know how to deal with bad words as they have already had dealings with lying.After much mind prodding the word _itch something finally came out and Alexis said she had no clue what that was.It was then that Brooke realized her and Mike must be doing Ok in the swearing department and I started remembering a four year old Brooke coming down our upstairs with a run away feline saying “you sombitch cat”.I always knew that day would come back to haunt me.I guess someone in this family wasn’t as good at keeping their tongue leashed as Brooke and Mike are.

  I was more curious how the best friends fared out after the blatant lie.It seems that after Lexie told Alexis what the other girl said and got the confirmation that it wasn’t true like she already knew in her heart,she looked at Alexis and said –Let’s get out of here,we don’t want to be around them.

I see in those two little girls something everybody needs and every mother wants for her kids.One good friend is all you really need in life,a true gift from God and a treasure for a proud mom.Nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Best Friends and Bad Mouths

  1. My best friend at that age is still my best friend 30 years later and, your right, she really is a treasure from God. Thanks for sharing this story & super cute picture!

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