The Pacemaker Jump

The Dating GameI have a secret fetish for reality shows on television that I don’t like people to know about.It is really my sister Linda’s fault because she watched The Bachelor and I used to tease her about it,and then one night I sat down and I was hooked.When we were young we loved The Dating Game and I guess this is really an x rated kind of version of the old classic.It is almost unbelievable to me that these men and women would act like they were dogs in heat and forget that they had parents and family watching their every move.It was then that I got scared.I have single children and you never know………… Lets put that worry to rest for the time being and praise God that the girls are all in relationships.I don’t think my poor husband could live through something like that on national television.I do  think that it would be cool if they had a geriatric version of the show and that is when I came up with this idea.Sorry Grandma Jahr.

Instead of The Dating Game it could be called The Pacemaker Jump and you have to be at least seventy years old to try out for the show.Look at these people in the photo I have inserted,don’t they look like a bunch you would like to see interact?I realize the one lady may not have her dentures in but how much better to kiss without the worry of broccoli stuck in your teeth.

I love being with older people and they are fun people and usually the first ones to make me laugh.They, most of them anyway, have a little discretion about their love life and know how to tell a story without the use of swear words and clothes that are not age appropriate.I guess being cold all the time might have something to do with it but maybe not.Older people let you use your imagination.

  I would hope they ask a lot about their living children because most of them would be in their fifties and like to spend time with them unlike teenagers that are always trying to fly the coop .

The prizes would be different too as I see those toenail cutters with the magnifying glass attached to it being popular along with The Clapper and for the big date winners a trip on two Hoveround Scooters in the mountains.I know this is possible because I have seen the commercials.

They would love candle lit dinners at any VFW Hall not because it is romantic but because it saves on electricity and the meal could be anything as long as it was soft,or had garlic in it.

  I know a show like this would probably never make it because it would be hard to find a person of age to be on it.They have more sense and pride in themselves than most of the young people we have on these reality shows.The love of God and country was always important to my grandma and she kept her morals high and her voice down and for that I am so proud to have had that in my life.I know that the reality show is about as far from reality as it gets and my idea is too,but it would be fun to watch.God’s Blessings to you all.

2 thoughts on “The Pacemaker Jump

  1. I love this idea, but I agree that you might have trouble finding participants. The last time I visited Mom, I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She looked at me like I was crazy, stuck out her tongue, and blew a big raspberry. I guess that was a “No.”

  2. I remember going to the nursing home after Grandma Jahr broke her hip and this older gentleman kept coming into her room in a wheelchair and I teased her about him.She swore and my grandma never swore.It was so funny.Thanks Linda for commenting and I hope your visit with your mom is good.God’s blessings to you and your family.Liz

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