Supper at the Stings

stings 001I got a phone call from my darling niece Kim this week wondering if I would be interested in spending some time with my great nephews and niece Cole, Alex, and Maddie.Of course I jumped at the chance and went right back into the fun times at the Stings.I used to help watch them a few years ago and as time went by do to lay offs and the kids getting older I didn’t see much of them.Life happens and then you get to revisit some of your fondest memories.Things haven’t really changed much over there except for the kids getting bigger and we slipped right back into the routine,so here goes————


The kids get off the bus now and come running in the door happy to see me and Cole a little relieved because I am there.It seems that Alex choked on a piece of cheese the last time they were alone and it scared him a little although I don’t know why because Alex saved himself .I don’t know if he gave himself the hymleck maneuver or just dug the pizza cheese out of his own throat but anyway all was well.I was making tacos for them for supper and their kitchen was a little unfamiliar to me as it has been a while since I cooked there.It didn’t take me long to get back in the swing of things.I opened the cupboard door and the molding under it fell off.I got that put back on as Alex got a plate out of the top cupboard and it smashed all over the floor.Cole go get me the broom I say and he tells me he can’t find it .Madison puts her two cents in and says you better find it because Aunt Liz doesn’t want to take anyone to the hospital for stitches.I laugh.The next thing I know he brings me in the PUSH broom from their garage and it is about the size of the kitchen floor.I say Cole I can’t use that thing I don’t even know if it will fit in the kitchen so get looking for the house broom.He takes it back outside and finally finds the right broom as it fell behind the washer.That’s great so I start sweeping then I ask for the dustpan.Well, he can’t find it,imagine that.Alex,go get me a piece of paper at least so I can get this glass off the floor and I will make my own dustpan.OK job done.

I then get the bright idea to make a cake for them and that proves to be a little challenging as I can’t find a bowl to mix it in and wind up using an empty ice cream bucket .I look for a mixing spoon and start thinking I am going to have to ask Cole to go out and get a large twig off a tree to mix it up because there is only a fork and three knives in the silverware drawer.After some rummaging around I locate a large spoon.

We sit down and eat together and it is then I get this surge of love for this family that I always get.We get talking and they are all excited because they heard there is an Easter egg hunt in our future with games and cousins.Maddie says she loves doing things with her mom and Grandma Ware and I know she means it.It is then that they are trying to get the family genealogy in order and ask about me and their grandma when I don’t know why but I tell the big lie.


I say do you remember that Grandma Ware is my sister and that she is a lot older than me?Maddie says I thought so Aunt Liz.I am ready for the you are so much younger looking than her when she douses me with this one……………… I knew she was older because she is taller than you.

3 thoughts on “Supper at the Stings

  1. How many times I have told you not to lie to my Grandchildren? I knew it would backfire on you and God bless my little Madison – she wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings or mine by saying we both look old and that would be the reason she couldn’t tell who was older. I see I am going to have to get the skinny on what house hold things my daughter in law is in need of, I tunes cards and McDonalds for the kids will come first before we buy a dust pan. LOL Kim means the world to me and so happy my son brought her in my life, of course that is another story which started out with not so happy. The Lord is always in control and he knew what he was doing. I might not of but he sure did. Thanks for helping with Cole, Alex and Maddy. I know they all appreciate your help. Can’t wait till Kim gets her nursing RN clinicals done.
    Love you Sis!

  2. Linda I know I shouldn’t lie to them,it just comes out–I love them too and I love their little ramshackle house and feel such warmth when I am at it.It would be a different story if that freaken bird hadn’t died Love you too Liz

  3. This is Kim on moms computer. Never a dull moment at the sting house. We all love you so much aunt liz you always make me laugh. Just to let everyone know my aut liz about a month ago shows up to my house with dishes silver ware towels wash cloths you name it she brought it over. She says it was just extra stuff laying around we know thats not I love you..

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