And Baby Makes Six

add  Bink 001It’s funny where life takes you isn’t it?It’s hard to believe there is a nurse,a hairdresser,construction worker,office manager,janitor,and production goddess in this hormonal mess.Back then we were just the little Hahn girls with no dad and a new little sister that we all adored and fought over.Little Lana was about seven months old here and the reason Linda and I would both race off the bus everyday to be the first to hold her and I remember being so disappointed if mom was nursing her in the living room and we would have to wait to get our hands on her.We thought she was beautiful and I can still remember rocking her to sleep.If she was afraid we took her in our bed and that was most nights.She probably won’t admit to you but we had her spoiled rotten.My mom worked nights in a restaurant as a cook and we would call her to bring home gum because she was crying, as not even her beloved binky could get her to stop.She was protected to a fault by us and I am sure she doesn’t even know it.We were guard dogs and would do anything to keep her safe.Linda,Lori,and I would take turns staying home from school after mom got a good job in a factory in town.That started war for a while because nobody wanted to miss school and eventually I quit and went to night classes so mom could keep the job and the others girls could go to school.Al and I were the ones that took her to her first day of school and after we got married she was at my house more than she was home,still trying to climb in my bed to the disgust of my newly married partner and of course succeeding no matter what.She was a very determined little girl and that was ok with me,not so much Albert.I bought her clothes with my babysitting money and she always had treats and crafts as she got older.She told me she remembers me making play dough for her to this day.

We are all grown up now and have had many disagreements and a lot of drama in our lives but we are still sisters and I love all of them to death.Do they give me grief at times,YES.I still hate it when one of them says that they were not personally called when we have a family gathering.I have told them over and over there is no one in this family that is not wanted when we are together.When one of us is missing we are not complete.Please girls get that through your heads.God gave us each other for a reason and it wasn’t to one up the other one.I am as guilty as any at times and I am sorry if I have hurt any of these precious precious women.I am trying to make a conscious effort to put my emotions in check and try to think how my sister would feel.Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.We are so blessed to have each other and the people they have brought along with them along the way of their life.God is good——–all the time.


If that doesn’t make you think maybe this will.Aunt Pal told me one time she didn’t care if she had to ride horseback  to a family gathering to get there she was going.That way she knew nobody would talk about her.Then she laughed………………………

3 thoughts on “And Baby Makes Six

  1. Sis,
    Where did you get that photo – I remember it as if it was yesterday. Mom’s homemade dresses she made for Linette and Loretta. LOL You were so thin! I love you even if you didn’t mention my job. Excavation business 1/2 owner and work in office at VP doing detail inventory reconciliation daily, entering in production, invoicing,helping write up grain contracts. Oh and I didn’t mention I do drive a backhoe at times to help my husband snowplow. LOL Love Linda

  2. WOW! What a great picture and story, Mom. I really do love reading your blogs, because there are so many things from your childhood that I don’t know, and it’s nice to relive those memories with you.

    I love you!

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