Partner Up


sisters1 001The Motley Crew in this picture is my sisters and I in front of the first car my mother ever bought on her own.We must have been on our way to church because as you can see we were all in our Sunday best like most kids were dressed in the sixties.I am sure that all of the dresses were hand me downs from some cousin who’s dad was a farmer or factory worker or maybe they came from the Emmanuel Lutheran church rummage sale.The princess heels the big one is wearing (that would be me)saved my life as I was wearing them when I fell through our furnace grate in the living room.I took a run and jumped on the grate because all the rest of the girls were hot and that would make the fan stop running.

In those days we were alone as my mother was working,but Sundays was always church and we rarely missed.I was in charge of getting the little ones ready  with Linda’s help.That would be the school teacher in the middle with the sweater on.What’s up with that,why does she get to have the sweater?I am hoping it wasn’t cold and instead she had to wear it because the zipper was probably broke on the dress.Good night I feel so sorry for her now,I am seeing her sweating bullets in church telling me she is about to faint from the heat and not being able to take the freaking thing off for fear of exposing her backside.I am now so proud because she took one for the team so we all looked pretty for church.

   I was in charge of Linette,the one that is looking back at me, and Linda took care of Loretta the one that looks like a garden gnome statue.Lori was a shared girl, and in this picture I can’t believe how cute she is.You would never know that while you were drawing on the cement with a soft stone she would bean you on top of the head with a rock.I saw stars one time and I don’t mean as in movie.Believe me when I tell you Loretta and Lori got the better end of the deal.I was in fear of my mother the day I let Linette go to church with no underpants on.We might have gotten away with it if her butt hadn’t made that horrible noise as she scooted off the wooden pew.I remember looking at Linda with horror,and of course in the end that ungodly silent gut splitting laughter that we would try to stop when we got the LOOK from mom.Then there was the time I never made sure she was in the car after church and as we were eating our Sunday dinner in she walks.The neighbors felt sorry for her and gave here a lift home.I think she was about four years old at the time.Linette I am so so so sorry.You would think we would have noticed a kid was missing.

I think I may know now why it was Linette that for no apparent reason broke my 331/3 album of Ricky Nelson and I could only listen to the last three songs.I know now that is why Ricky and I never married.He was afraid of my family,and I thought it was because I told him I didn’t want to move to the big city.

5 thoughts on “Partner Up

  1. Oh what fun. I had only one brother, five years older, and my mother was hyper-vigilant so we couldn’t get into much trouble. The kind of childhood you had makes for much better writing material!

  2. LMAO How do you remember all that stuff. It comes back to me when I read your Blogs. I guess some of it I have had to put out of my mind and try not to remember the bad things growing up. But please let me recall the good times. I love you sis!


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