Project Runway Family Style

101_0845My family has never had a shortage of girls in the family and girls were needed to get us in the mood to laugh.So we decided to have a fashion show at my moms.A call went out to all little girls and big ones too to help with the event.I am happy to say every little female except one (our darling Bailey)came out to have the night of the stars and it was a blast.

101_0758We had Oriental beauties.101_0773We had your garden party girls.101_0779A beautiful bride.101_0800Something from the spring collection.101_0806Our sports collection.Peyton was a cheerleader.101_0829Graduating from college.101_0809A Lorna Perket original.My mom made this housecoat.

101_0822This is from the puss and boody collection my sister 101_0823Loretta made for little Landyn.She had a blast.101_0786Shoes were a must.101_0834Hats and purses too.101_0849We were even all over the United States as people skyped just to attend.


Afterwards the refreshments were amazing.Of course they were catered by L&L and gave us 101_0857more of a sugar high.Like we needed anything after all that fun.


101_0860And before I forget,our hair and makeup artist Aunt Loretta.

Thank you girls for letting your hair down(and up) and giving us a memory we will have forever.Look out Kardashians here we come.See you next year.

3 thoughts on “Project Runway Family Style

  1. Mother, you’ll have to email me this pictures, they were too blurry on here. Sounds like you girls had a blast! Glad to see that happiness is coming back to the Hahn family!

    • Jare The pics are what they are Aunt Linda did the best she could on them and I worked on them but that is how they turned out.Grandma took some and I will look to see if hers turned out better.You get the idea anyway.The kids were really having a good time.

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