Every year about this time when the kids were little anticipation would be at a frenzy in this house and I know that you are probably thinking it is because of the kids and presents and in a way you are right but not quite.Our baby Alisha was the reason for the frenzy.When she was little everybody was afraid to open her present that she got them,especially Brooke and Mike.A lot of thought went into giving gifts at our house and with my baby Alisha there was no exception.It was usually about a week before Christmas we would head out to the big city and start our shopping.We couldn’t go to soon because our Wheel couldn’t keep a secret.We found that out the year Mike got Brooke hot  rollers and Alisha told before Christmas.I am smiling right now.

Alisha was an impulse shopper of the utmost kind and you never knew what would catch her fancy for some one.I would try to steer her into an appropriate gift but it never worked and I suppose at times I was just exhausted trying to keep up with her.She had the energy of ten kids and I loved watching her decision making even though most of the time I couldn’t believe her choices.There was the year of the sky blue Tweety sweater for Brooke.Now if Brooke would have been maybe six or seven it would have been a great gift but I think she was about sixteen and I knew it wasn’t going to fly but what could I do Alisha thought it was wonderful.A sweater she would love,bought with love in her heart for a big sister she adored and so ugly that I don’t think Brooke could even bring herself to try it on.Then there was the year of the frogs.I mean in foot wear.And matching pjs.She was so excited about this gift to Brooke I remember her holding her hands together with this expression of pure wonderment knowing Brooke was going to go ape for that present.That is all she talked about on the way home.Believe me when I tell you Brooke had a look of something else when she opened it.

Mike,Alisha’s other brother,because that is what he was to her even though he was Brooke’s boyfriend at the time was really the one that got the most ahh unusual presents from her.There was the year of the Chia Pat ,the home made dough ornament that I think got moldy he kept it for so long,and the little dog that he kept in his pick up for years and years.It was one of those that the head was suspended and went up and down when you were going down the road.She thought that was the bomb.She got him tee shirts with ridiculous sayings and boxer shorts in the looks of a tuxedo and Santa outfit.It got so that Mike’s family couldn’t wait for Christmas Day either,not because of the presents but just to find out what he got from our little Leash.

Now my baby is all grown up and her presents are very thoughtful.I saw her give towels to my niece because she needed them and the clothes she gets for people are age appropriate.I miss that little girl more than you will ever know and am thankful for the most wonderful gift that she has given me even though at times I don’t know if she knows it,the chance to have a little Wheel that I didn’t know would be possible.I wanted her even before she was born and I love her no matter what.God Bless you Baby.Love Mom

2 thoughts on “HO HO OH NO

  1. I seem to remember all of these…except the tweety sweater. At the time I thought they were good presents. It’s a good thing I am older and wiser now…then my nieces and nephew don’t have to go through my weird gift phase.

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