Guide Lines To Figure Out If Your Getting Older

ChrysanthemumIt drives me nuts when the kids take a shower at my house and tell me we are out of hair conditioner.When my sisters and I were growing up it was called crème rinse.When I call it that they look at me like I am from a different planet.Then I thought ok maybe I am getting a little older.Here are a few things you might look out for if you aren’t sure you might be age challenged.

                1.You know you can find a use for the underwire  from your bra that fell out of the dryer


               2.It takes you longer to cut your toe nails than it does to paint them


               3.You save all bags from stores with handles


              4.Your eating chicken soup and come across a bone then realize it is your tooth


            5.The baby is in her forties


          6.You chortle with glee when you find the glasses you have been  looking for are on top of your head


         7.You walk up the stairs on all fours


       8.You get mad at everyone passing you on the express way until you look down and realize you are only going 15 miles an hour 


       9.You start to sob uncontrollably when you here the song Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer because you think the song is about you


     10.You have to lay down because you are full after you take all of your vitamin supplements


     11.You brake for the light up deer in your neighbors yard again and again


    12.You love the polyester pant suit your best friend gave you for your birthday


    13.You can’t find your pocket book and the kids can’t help because they think they are looking for a small reading device

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