Trick Or Treats And Coffee Cakes

scan0001scan0001Tomorrow is Halloween and I have the day off,not that I need the day off now that my kids are all grown up,but I am looking forward to kicking back and helping Brooke if she needs me.This holiday is sure different than when we were kids.I can remember being worried that my mom wouldn’t take us trick or treating and then if she did, worried because we never really had a trick or treat outfit.We would make do with a little of moms make up and whatever rags we could find around the house and waala you had a costume.The year I do remember trick or treating my mom dropped us off in Sebewaing on some side street and told us to go have at it.My sister Lori is the only one I believe that had a mask,it was Rocky The Flying Squirrel and we had pinned a brown towel to her coat to I guess represent his wings.I was the oldest at about nine and all five of us went.We were from the country and it wasn’t long before we were hopelessly lost and did not know how to get back to where mom was going to pick us up.I didn’t have any sense of direction and still don’t to this very day.Well,we thought if we were going to find our way back we might as well trick or treat our way unlost.This was ok until we started going down streets we had already been on.It wasn’t long before people were telling us they had seen us before and we were sayng no I don’t think so.Finally one lady scared me when she said she recognized Rocky.I felt like we were just spotted in a police line up.I really don’t remember how the night ended but I knew then that if I ever had kids of my own they would not walk alone.

Maybe that is why my sisters and I made such a big deal out of Halloween for our kids. This is my sister Linda’s favorite holiday of the year.We made them great costumes and even after working all day standing on our feet our kids were in for fun and excitement.They all got along and had so much fun.We all took turns carrying the littlest one of the bunch after they got tired because we loved them all the same.It didn’t matter whose kid it was,because they were all family.We took them to all of their grandparents and when Grandma Jahr was alive when we stopped in she would have fresh coffee cakes for us to take home.She would make such a fuss over the kids and we couldn’t stay to long because we had places to go.Oh to have her back to see our own grandkids.After we went to stores and houses it was back to Linda’s for the rest of the night to laugh and maybe have a little refreshment for the adults.I hope those kids hold those days close to their heart.They were very blessed.

Now the days of the grandkids are here and another generation of little trick or treaters are upon us.I walk with my grandkids just like I did  with my own kids and probably will till the Good Lord takes me home.There is no way that my Brooke would ever let her kids out of her sight for a minute and even after putting up with a classroom of costumed kindergarteners her own kids have a great Halloween every year. She may not make their costumes like we did but she does a wonderful job getting them dressed up.

I hope everyone that has little trick or treaters come to their door this year realizes they are making a memory that some little kid won’t forget.And if Rocky The Flying Squirrel comes to your door twice ,please just give him some more candy.He was just probably trying to get unlost.


2 thoughts on “Trick Or Treats And Coffee Cakes

  1. Oh my Godness! I love the photo! They were so little who is the littlest one – I can’t remember the costume. And my dog Simon! Your right about this being my favorite holiday, but this year I had to work and was rushed around to get everything ready. Next year it’s a day off for me too! Rocky wasn’t that something – even back then the Sebewaing people could be mean to little children. I think that was when I made up my mind I would never live in that town! LOL
    I love the memorys of our children trick or treating we did have alot of fun and so did the kids. I miss them days! I love you sissy! Linda

  2. For some reason mom, that is my most memorable Halloween. You made me my very own elf costume and Alisha was a little dog! I remember Jared put a bunch of stuff on his face to make it look like a five o’clock shadow! Looking back, I still have no idea who was the kid in the Santa Costume but boy, did we make a pair! ^_^

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