Carted Away

DSCI0024  Today has been another day for the memory books.Alexis and Landyn were dropped off last night to spend the night as their Dad and others are putting a new roof on their house so the insurance company doesn’t cancel their policy.In they come smiles from ear to ear and ready for a night of fun.Alexis loves it because on Friday night there is no bedtime at our house and even better no bath if you don’t want to take one.It is easy with just two of them to contend with and these two especially love to play by themselves.Alexis heads upstairs to fire up the WII and Landyn is in hot pursuit to follow and watch.I keep thinking how nice it is that Lex can set the thing up herself and I don’t have to stop every five minutes to help her.It wasn’t that long ago that you had to stay right beside her teaching  about this button and that button but now she can do it all by herself.They play tennis and baseball,bowling and Dora.I think the WII is a good tool teaching them to share and take turns and never having to worry about the antics and language of the television set.They play for about an hour and then it is popcorn and Disney together,my favorite time of all because we sit quiet and I can sneak kisses from Landyn and listen to Alexis laugh at the show.I can’t quite figure this laugh that Alexis is developing—its kind of a hewayyyy hewayyy weird sound sometimes and then a normal laugh at other times.I really hope the normal one wins out as the hewyaaaaayyy or what ever it is is kind of cartoon like.I mean it is almost like it isn’t her laughing and I know it is,but then if that is her worst vice I guess I’ll take it.She tells me everything as we sit and watch the show.I am especially mad at these boys that are making her life miserable at school right now.She tells me they chase her and then back her in to something and tell her they know she is scared of them.I ask her what she does when they do that to her and she tells me she just runs away.She then tells me that it sometimes makes her afraid inside and that she just wants to go home.She has told her mom some of it but not enough I can tell because I know Brooke would have taken care of it already if she knew how bad it has gotten.Bed time consists of hugs and prayers and some help from God to control the preadolesant thugs that are bothering my Lexie.She is smiling as I pray all they get for supper is liver and a guilty conscious for chasing my girl.

The next day is a busy day as we have a cheesecake and four pies to make for the annual Ham Dinner we have at our church.I get up early to get my pie crusts made and get the cheesecake in the oven and start laundry before the girls get up.Finally about ten o’clock they are ready to start the day.After baths and breakfast we head to Walmart to get the fruit for the pies.I sit in wonder listening to Alexis singing right along with Taylor Swift,when did that happen,the last time we were in the car she didn’t want to talk to me because she was trying to read and now she is a Taylor Swift singer.We head in the store and she wants to push the cart .I love this because I can get so much down in such a short amount of time with her help.I get to the milk department and then find out Cool Whip is on sale so back to frozen foods we go.As I am pawing through the Cool Whip looking for the extra creamy I hear— Nana help me I’m stuck— and to my horror I turn around and there is Alexis lying on the ground with the shopping cart on top of her and  baby Landyn wedged in between Alexis and the cart.Nobody is crying but our groceries are on the ground.I flip the cart up ,put the food back in the cart and start to laugh,I am still laughing about it,because it reminded me of a time I saw the very same thing happen to one of my sisters with her two little boys in Big Wheel in Caro.I never even went up to her and I don’t think she knows I saw it happen as I didn’t want to embarrass her.Let me tell you if this would have happened with my own kids I would have yanked them out of the store so fast leaving the cart there up side down and the ride home would not have been pleasant,but when it’s your grandkids it just doesn’t matter.We went on shopping to buy Alexis a pair of boots and her and Miss P matching sister shirts.It was a story Lex can tell her own kids some day,how her nana saved the day and picked a shopping cart off of her with her bare hands and laughed and laughed and laughed…………………………………

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