Doors are something that you go in and out of,something you go through,or pass by,a thing you can open or close.Every time I go to my daughter Brookes house there are two doors you have to enter before you get to the living area and hub of their home.The first door is naturally the one you enter in from the outside and the second one is a little metal gate they have installed so the babies can’t get to the first door or the cat litter box that is no longer there because Sophie their cat died this summer .Before I even get to the gate I can  usually see two little faces all lit up and hollering NANA,so excited to see a visitor.They are two baby prison inmates and I am the warden of a state penitentiary with their stay of execution in hand.That gate was put there for their safety and really is just a visual now because Collin the escape artist that he is knows how to open it anyway.I don’t know which one to pick up first so I usually let them decide because one of them is running off in the other direction .At that time the door is such a happy thing,we are together again for a while and I can watch in wonder at their antics loving the way they are starting to communicate and weasel around getting what they want.They are always at a door trying to drive everybody nuts sometimes laying on the floor trying to look under said door that is closed on them.If you are trying to use the bathroom you are likely to see little hands coming through the crack under the door and muffled pleas of them trying to get in.I mean really how is a person supposed to relieve themself with that kind of shenanigans going on outside the door.Landyn the little girl will tell you she has to go pee and she might or might not then Collin will try to bamm bamm on the door for a little noise factor in case you can’t see the little hands.They open cupboard doors and the refrigerator door,the closet doors and God forbid their mom and dads bedroom door.No door can keep them out if Collin is in the lead.I love it when someone else is opening a door somewhere because they have a radar in them that hones in on the door as soon as it opens no matter what activity they might be engaged in.If they make it in the open door they are so happy it’s like Paula Dean just got let loose in a butter factory,Collin is climbing and grabbing at whatever he can and Landyn is acting like she is always in this space,what’s the big deal.If they miss the open door they will lay on the floor sobbing prostate on the ground like a professional mourner at a funeral.The most important door to them though is their big sisters bedroom door as it has all the treasures a two year old can imagine.There are books they can rip up,Barbie shoes and beads they can choke on,a cd player(say no more),and the worst of all two loft beds with a ladder to climb up on.Sometimes I go in their with them just to watch happiness.In there they dance and grab and laugh and giggle and it is hilarious,that is, until it is time to leave the room and close the door.Collin doesn’t even care if it is dark if he is inside a door that he isn’t supposed to be in.One time I came over and was standing by the cupboards and all of a sudden a cupboard drawer opened all by itself and then I saw a little hand try to grab a spatula from the back of the drawer on the inside.As I was about to pee my pants the bottom cupboard door opens and out pokes Collins head with a big grin on his face,and just like it was a mirage he closed the door and that was that.The hardest door of all is the door that has to close when it is time to go.I miss those sweet babies as soon as I shut the door when I leave,but there have been times that I am glad the door swings both ways.I hope when my grandkids get older all the Godly doors are always opened for them.In the mean time I am sure we will here SHUT THE DOOR a few more times and pounding little running feet trying to get through them,sad they can’t go too.

One thought on “The Doors (AND I DON”T MEAN THE MUSICAL GROUP)

  1. This picture is too much! Haha I have this picture on my fridge with the caption “We can’t touch the Christmas Tree!”

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