Rock A Bye Maddie

There are some things that just stay on the hard drive of your mind and you get to replay it at a later date when you need that extra boost.Everybody that knows me knows that I love being around kids.I love teaching them songs and rocking them.I love the feel of their hair and the smell of them.A little kids laugh to me is better than cheesecake,and I LOVE cheesecake.My four grandkids and my great nieces and nephews have given me much much joy.I filled in babysitting for my nephew Josh’s kids and I loved it because I could sit and rock their little Maddie in the quiet hush of their home all night if I wanted to.I know that they probably thought I should just put her to bed but I couldn’t.I would read the big brothers a story say prayers and then Maddie and I would head to that big old rocking chair in the front room.I would sing her the same songs that I have sang to kids since the beginning of time and  she would sing along.I would rub her back as she snuggled into my spare tire and eventually her little body would start to become dead weight and I knew she was out like a light.I still remember my grandma rocking and humming to me when I was a little kid.She had this high sweet  little voice that would just lull you to sleep.I would think that I wasn’t going to fall a sleep this time ,but It was so comfortable being in my grandmas lap I couldn’t help myself.Who knew that just when we thought we were taking a rest we were very busy—-making memories.Maddie isn’t the only one I have rocked to sleep but she was one of my favorites.She is a tough little bird with the look of an angel and as beautiful of a little girl as you will ever see.I think at first that rocking business was to her a way to get to stay up later than her brothers but as we went a long it became a way to feel safe and very loved and I don’t just mean Maddie I mean for me too.At a time in my life when my two youngest girls were fighting like cats and dogs,my son was sick with UBD,and I was trying to wrap my head around my mom and stepdads cancer I had a little girl that loved to rock and sing as much as I did.She learned I had a Little Doggie,The Wheels on The Bus,On Top of Old Smokey,Jesus Loves me,Father Abraham and many more songs.I can still feel her warm little body in my arms like it was yesterday and am so thankful that Josh and Kim allowed me that time.I guess the moral to this story is to stop and let the simple gifts give you a boost.God gave us these babies for such a short time that if we don’t accept the blessing of it when we have it we lose it and I never want to say I gave up the chance to have a sweet memory like Maddie .She is a big girl now and maybe she will forget our rocking but I never will.If you get the chance grab a toddler and rock away.You might not solve your problems but at least you can keep them at bay for a little while and the blessing of it is those little darlings are so calming in your arms you can be thankful again when you think you have nothing to be thankful for.Thank you Lord for rocking chairs ————-and for Maddie Girl.

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