Oh My God-Parents

In our church you are baptized as a baby and so your Godparents are a very important part of your life.My Aunt Betty was my Godmother and I think of her quite often.I don’t know why my mom picked her to be my Godmother but I am glad she did.Aunt Betty was a very godly woman and a saint as far as I was concerned.I know she remembered me in her prayers nightly and probably my whole family too.I am sure everyone of my sisters feel the same way about their Godparents,especially their Godmother.I love my god kids with all of my heart.Most of them are all grown up now and some of them are raising families of their own and I still pray for them.When one of them have a trouble spot in their lives and I find out about it,it is crunch praying time.There is nothing any of them can or have done that would make me give up on them.I picked people that I thought would do the same for my kids.Sometimes I was right on the money and sometimes I was not.I know that my kids can be ahhhhhhhhhh challenging at times but I thought their godparents were up for the job.When you are a Christian it is your privilege to pray for people that need you,to guide them in their battle of right and wrong.I hope my god kids got that from me.My kids are all Godparents to someone now and I pray that they take that job as seriously as I do.My nephew Josh once whispered in my ear when he was a grown man,Aunt Liz don’t ever quit praying for me —and I never have.He is my Booboo ,my darling,my Joshua.Jami is all grown up and raising kids of her own.She was my first goddaughter and  actually asked me to be godmother to her baby girl Hope.That was so special to me.My Hope is as sweet as her mother and I love buying her Christmas presents.She is my last god baby and my daughter Brooke shares being her godmother with me.I don’t think Jami even realized how special that is, being Jami’s godmother and then having Brooke and I get to be Hope’s together,but then maybe she does because I know Jami takes her godmothering seriously too.My sister Loretta asked me to be godmother to two of her boys,an honor I was glad to accept and I can’t believe how fast that time went by,but one of the most touching memories of all was when my sister Linette called and asked me to witness my nephew Zach being baptized.He going to the Lutheran school and asked the pastor if he could be baptized and I got to be  there.I was so proud of him that day and now he has three kids of his own.So all of you god kids know your Aunt Liz loves you no matter what.It has and continues to be an honor and a privilege to pray and love you.Oh and if you want to help in the knee replacement fund please feel free. I was down on them for you too.

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