Sister Pacts

Today I have been thinking of my girls and how blessed I was to have my sisters when I was growing up.We never had a conventional family like my kids and maybe that’s why they don’t appreciate each other like we did.We slept five in a bed and shared the same bathwater.We wore each others clothes and shared a lot of the same friends..We liked it that way because half of our time we were battling fear.My sister Linette told me once that when she was about five years old she was so afraid of bills that she couldn’t sleep sometimes even though she did not know what bills were.We were a litter,a unit,a package deal.I was the oldest and Linda was my partner.We tried our best to take care of the rest of them while my mom eaked out a living to feed us.To say something about one of us was like disrespecting us all.I didn’t care how much trouble one of us got into we would never turn our back on each other.Those girls were my constant,my reason for existence and without them I would not be who I am today.Thank you sisters.I wish my girls felt that way about each other but I really don’t think they do.Don’t get we wrong my sisters and I have fought and even not spoken for sometimes lengthy periods,I mean we are women,but we did it in the family way.We would never say rotten things to anyone outside of our family.It is like a code or something,and even then I would never allow anyone to say anything about my family because they are mine.If people didn’t like one of us that was and still is their problem.If somebody told me my sister did something bad I would worry but I would never believe it until I talked to them and I certainly wouldn’t repeat it.We had family honor and I think we still do.If there is something going on I still get the occasional phone call from one of my sisters but that is as far as it goes.What happens in the family stays in the family and if somebody outside of the family has something to say about one of us I will stop them dead in their tracks.I wish my girls had that but they don’t.Maybe it comes with age because I know they love each other or maybe it comes with growing up poor and they didn’t.I pray they learn to over look each others faults because having a sister is one of the greatest gifts that God gives us.I know that it doesn’t matter how mad any of my sisters have been at me,if I need them in the red fire of their wrath they will be there  because they love me unconditionally.They know I am not perfect and sometimes moody and of course FAT but one thing I know for sure, they love me and I love them.I hope some day my girls can say that about each other.I want them to be able to see each other in the light of forgiveness and love.I want them to accept each other for who they are and not worry about what they do.I want them to remember they are not the judge,God is and if they want to think bad of anybody let it be me because if you think bad about my kid then you think bad about me.I know that is how God wants me to feel.Try to remember when I sprayed perfume up my nose in Fashion Bug .If that doesn’t make you love your sister nothing will.

2 thoughts on “Sister Pacts

  1. Thanks for being you and I wouldn’t of wanted anyone else to be my childrens God mother. Sometimes I think Jami was born from you cause she has your heart and toughness, I know both of my kids have always loved and respected you. When they were little it was always CAN WE GO TO ANUT LIZZY’S. They sure had a ball playing with Brooke and Jared. How I miss them days and wonder where the time has gone!

    Love always,

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