Write It Down

My memory just isn’t what it used to be.If you asked my kids it never was much good in the first place,even though I think that raising them fried my brain in my thirties.They all have complained to me that I wanted each of them to be someone else.Brooke like my niece Jami,Jare thought I wanted him to be like Brooke and my babies Beth and Alisha couldn’t decide if I wanted two more biological kids or if I favored one of them over the other.The fact of the matter is at one time or another I could have been in prison for the thoughts these kids have brought in my mind.I won’t bring up the slammed doors or heartbreaking sobs over a fight with a friend.I don’t like meat anymore and I don’t know if I believe in God were only some of the things their dad and I have heard.Believe me when I tell you HWH and I could have both been drunks as alcoholism runs in both of our families.Is it any wonder I spent half my life looking for the car keys?I mean really,we were always cowboying up to make these complex gifts from God do the right thing.Some of them gave us less trouble than  others but believe me when I say that they all should share in my hair dying process as their name is engraved in quite a few of the grays that sprouted from my scalp.We have had to deal with car accidents and trips to the emergency room,police knocking on the door and phone calls from other crazy parents.It’s no wonder I couldn’t remember where I hid their Christmas presents.I thought for a long time my knees were just wearing out because I worked standing on the cement for thirty five years but its probably from kneeling on them in prayer to keep those kids on the straight and narrow.They should thank me if they ever see me limping to pick them up at an airport.I honestly loved raising my kids and at the same time felt like I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.I am sure if you asked them I made many mistakes and I think I have owned up to most of them.The funny thing about raising kids is at the time you hit a rough spot it seems like it is never going to end and in the blink of an eye it is over and you wonder where the time went.Tornado times are hopefully over as the teenage years are about to close soon in the Kovie Mansion.I am ready.And just for the record,yes, I do love you best Brooke, and I do love you best Jared, and I do love you best Bethy, and I do love you best Leash.I love you all the best and thank you for being my kids.

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