Labor Day Love

Today all I could think of at work was I can’t believe summer is about over.We had our last before school bon fire on Sunday and it was fun.I realize our family has changed in it’s dynamics,but it is still a family of sorts.We now include my son-in-law’s family and my stepsister Kim was here from Wisconsin.I missed my kids that weren’t here and I hope they had as much fun as we did.I now want to savor every moment with my family,especially my mom and stepdad who have been battling health problems for several years now.My stepdad is so important to me.He is the most gentle man I have ever met and I really didn’t even want to know him.When my sisters and I were growing up we didn’t have good luck with stepdads.They drank and they hit so when Mom told me she was getting married again I did not want to even meet him.I don’t think he was real sure about us either and who could blame him.We are a loud and dramatic mostly female bunch and there was been many battles over the years with all of us.It’s kind of like an Italian Nazi  family if you know what I mean,even though we are mostly German.Anyway back to Ward my wonderful Stepdad.I met him the day my Mom married him at our church in Kilmanagh.He was very quiet and I thought he might have bit off more than he could chew when he asked Mom to marry him.She has always had an up hill battle life,and I was afraid this might be the last straw.Boy, was I ever wrong.This man whispered into our lives capturing our hearts and sprinkled us with wisdom.He is the best listener in the world and has the kindest eyes I have ever known.You can talk to him about anything and the advise he softly hands you is golden.I truly adore him and so do my kids.He doesn’t like crowds so when we have these loud family gatherings you will likely find him with Hungarian Work Horse off in the corner discussing something.That’s why this Labor Day was so special.He was here,Mom was here, and we were blessed to have them.Mom was in her element as she always wants to be with her kids and grandkids and she had a blast at the camp fire.She ate her first ever smore and she is in her seventies.I will forever remember her trying to get pictures of the twins in their Cozy Coups.Of course the peanut gallery got in a fight over who was going to sit by me in the swing and we had to diffuse that.I told Alexis and Peyton we had to enjoy this moment because they would never get to sit by each other on Labor Day again when they were five and eight.They thought about it and agreed.We rocked cuddled up in blankets in the dark and Peyton wanted to tell scary stories.We said ok but she couldn’t think of a scary thing to tell us.That’s what this family is,nothing scary,a mish mosh of every personality and quality.It makes these amazing memories in the blink of an eye that will bring out a bubble of laughter one minute and a crushing blow to your guts the next.There are new people being transplanted in us all the time and some weeded out,although they usually come back because whether you like it or not when you hang with the Kovies you become part of us and most of the time you want to stay part of us.We made memories on Labor Day this year that my grandkids will never forget.They had three sets of grandparents in the same yard and enough love there to sink a battle ship.Thank you Father in heaven for days like this.I am very blessed.

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