I love remembering certain things in my life and telling my grandkids about them.Alexis and Peyton can tell you stories about my grandma’s pet chicken Fancy as well as all of my sisters.They love to sit on my lap and listen to me just I like I did with my grandma when I was little.She was and still is one of my greatest treasures.The woman had spunk and determination like no one else.She was a German farm woman to the bone and also as artistic as anyone ever born.There was one thing she just could not tolerate and that was WEEDS.She knew the name of every weed in Michigan and it wasn’t unusual to see her go into a ditch bank to chop out a thistle or the neighbors field before a weed went to seed.There was pusley and pigs weed,smart weed and morning glory,but the worst of them all was quack grass.She hated the stuff and had a personal war with it.We hoed every day in the summer and prayed for rain every night like most kids in a farm home.The only thing that saved us was Grandma.She would bring out Brach’s hard candy that we bought at Woolworths by the pound and water in an old vanilla bottle when we were at the other end of the field and thirsty.She hoed most of the time in a house dress gone bad and high heels she bought at the Immanuel Lutheran Church rummage sale.Oh,And I can’t forget her straw hat with the red stripe around the brim.She was my wonderful Grandma and I was her Dilly.We were there to hoe and no fooling around but did we get some stories.We found out about nosy neighbors(Dorothy)and Grandpa’s not so upstanding family.I really don’t think she liked any of them except a sister that was killed on a railroad track car incident.I am sure she would have a heart attack if she knew some of the things that have happened in our family,but maybe not.She did come over with a horse whip to teach one mean stepfather a lesson.She really in my opinion wasn’t afraid of anything.She could sew and crochet and cook and bake like no one I have ever known.I still miss her and I am so thankful to have had her.I know this sounds foolish as a Christian but sometimes I miss her so much I can’t wait to get to Heaven just to see her again.My sister Loretta shared a poem with me that she wrote about my Grandparents that I hold very dear to me and I get it out every once in a while to read.The memories are so vivid for Loretta that it is something I realize we all have in common,maybe not the greatest childhood,but the greatest memories anybody could want.I hope we all have the chance to bring the same gut wrenching memories to our grandkids and our kids,too.I want them to belly laugh(and that could start an earthquake with me)out loud when they are all alone,I want them to learn about their families delicious secrets,I want them to be able to hum Grandma’s tee hump pee dump song,but most of all I want them to know that I loved them all with every fiber in me. Grandma would have too.

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