A Trip to the City

Yesterday Brooke took Alexis and Peyton to get some new clothes for school.They wanted me to tag along.We always have fun when we do things like that.It is hard to believe that school is around the corner and it won’t be long before fall is upon us.We started off stopping at the teachers store as Brooke had to get supplies for her class room.She is a kindergarten teacher.Peyton was just happy to be along and Alexis was her usual sweet self.The teachers store has all of these little gadgets to make the teachers life a little easier in the classroom.I have never been there before so I was amazed at all the stuff they have.Little signs for the bathroom and stickers,name tags,and posters that I have never imagined that you would need.When we were in school you had paper,pencils and books and we thought that was great.I remember the smell of glue and markers.We had a chalk board that was green and I always wanted to write on it.Today they have projectors that you can watch movies on and microphones and telephones right in the classroom.Some things are the same as all Peyton cares about is she doesn’t have to take a nap at Young Fives this year.I hated taking naps too.She loves school and she can charm people there as well as at home.She has a million friends and a she says she has a boyfriend.Imagine that! Alexis has friends too but not like Peytie as she is not as outgoing.I always want to go to the school and round up little girls for her because I want everybody to like her because she is more shy and can get her feelings hurt easily.She has a small nucleus of friends that she loves so that is all that matters.I love that kid.Next we were off to Old Navy to get ten dollar jeans for Alexis and the twins and nothing would fit our tiny Peyton. To Penney’s we go because Brooke knows they have jeans that will fit her there.That’s when the fun started.We find jeans and Peyton finds a dog purse she just has to have.Brooke says no and Peyton is devastated.We go off to find tennis shoes and of course Peyton finds the gaudiest black and rainbow colored things you have ever seen.She wants them bad.Brooke says no.She wants them realllllllly bad.Brooke says NO.She can’t see another pair that she likes.These can make her run so fast she is almost flying and they make her feel so cool.That’s when the DEAL is brought up.If she can find another pair maybe there would be a dog purse in her future.Ahhhhhhhhhhhh that might work but maybe not.They are the most wonderful shoes.As this is being talked over I run to the dog purses and bring back the cheapest one I could find.It is not the green one with sparkles that she wanted but it is a dog purse.Shaped like a dog,with a zipper in its back to hold money.Yes, the transaction happens and she is happy.We are off.To Sears the girls and I go as Brooke heads  in another direction.There we find many treasures and Nana is going to buy.We find clearance Easter bonnets for our dress up box and a bank that counts your money when you put it in.That’s when Alexis spots a poncho.When she was little her Uncle Jared bought her a poncho and she wanted to wear it every day of her life.She out grew it and that was the end of it.Now we see this poncho and she is so wanting it.So we buy it.She won’t let go of it and carries it everywhere.She is so happy .That means I am happy and off we go meeting up with Brooke.The day is coming to a close and Brooke drops Lex and me off at the meat market while her and Peyton quickly stop at Meijer’s.We get the stuff I need and head up to the check out.The lady is nice and she asks me if it is getting cold out.I say no it is about eighty degrees  and then I look at Lexie,she has on the freaking poncho.I guess it was  then I remembered me in Luke’s Grocery with my sweater on inside out.We truly are a match made in heaven.

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