Memories and Dust

This past week I have been doing something that I have put off forever.I have been Spring cleaning.I know I am a little behind as it is August,but I feel that as long as I was thinking about it maybe it would get done.There is no rhyme or reason why I do things and frankly the grandkids are getting sick of it.Peyton asked me yesterday if I was STILL cleaning.I had to admit that I was.This reorganizing is a lot of work and most of it is not my fault.The kids have all moved out and left all the thousands of dollars worth of stuff they couldn’t live without when they were home.The varsity jackets,clothes,cds,books,high school memorabilia,,hair products,pictures,and I don’t know what else are no longer that important.I have found silverware and food,hair ties and socks, but most of all a lot of memories.I would find a sd card and have to see the pictures on it.Some of our darling Alisha and Alexis when they were so little.She loved being an aunt to that little girl.They both had these radiant smiles like they were so happy being together.I hope she remembers always how important she is to those kids.I found candy wrappers in an old maroon chair that made me remember my Bethy and her canny(as she used to say it) addiction when she was little.She was the sweetest baby and so easy to take care of.I remember the first time I got to pick her up at the foster home she was staying at.She came running down the hallway in little peach footy pajamas saying mama.I knew then that she was my little girl for sure.They had her bangs cut so short that I think that’s why I never wanted her hair short again.My Bethy’s hair is is thick and beautiful.When I started going through some old books I came across a dog baby book we had gotten for our lab Ebony.Jared had all kinds of entries in it that made me laugh so hard,like she was a human or something.That dog was a part of our lives for fourteen years.The day we had to put her to sleep because of congenital heart failure was one of the saddest days in this house ever.Albert and Alisha took her to the vet to be put down while brave mom and Beth sat at home and bawled.Even back then Alisha had compassion for the sick.Jared would have been so proud of her that day.I know sometimes he would get aggravated with her but really,she is one of his biggest supporters.I found some old Halloween pictures that reminded me of taking the kids all to my sisters and having so much fun.Jared was sooooooooooooo serious about his costume it still makes me laugh.He always could make me laugh even if I was furious with him.Brooke and Jared would sit on two rocking chairs in the kitchen talking and laughing because he was imitating somebody and to this day I laugh about it.I know there were times Brooke could have killed him but she really loves her brother and they both love their little sisters.It is hard to believe that time went by so fast.Hold your kids close because when your having a nervous breakdown because they came home drunk someday you’ll think it wasn’t so bad.But not for a long long time.

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