water park wonder

Yesterday the Kovies and the Merchants went to Splash Village in Frankenmuth.We had so much fun with the grandkids.I forgot how much I loved being in the water.We went down giant slides and as Alexis calls it THE LAZY RIVER.It was the first time some of this skin of mine has seen sunlight since I had my hysterectomy.I was a nervous wreck putting on a bathing suit in front of people.I sure am glad eighty pecent of the people there were as big as me.There is an epidemic of overweight American people at water parks.It feels so good to be in water because you can lift everything of your body without giving yourself a hernia! My Brooke was adorable and she didn’t even know it.Nobody would believe she carried all of those kids in that little body of hers.I am so glad she took after the Kovach’s in that department.She is such a good mom.I think we had  fun watching the twins go down the slides and little Collin on the jumpy things they have there.Of course Miss P got away on us a couple of times and got a stern talking to.She gets so excited sometimes you have to reign her in,but all in all she was a very good girl and as cute as she could be.It was nice having four adults with four kids.When one of us got tired of something we handed that kid off and traded for another one.We had pizza for supper,unless you ask Landyn.She called it chicken.I guess she calls a lot of things chicken.We went back to the water park after supper and stayed until it closed.Collin was so tired he was walking and waving at people like he was on his fourth cocktail.The water slide was his choice of fun. ANY OF THEM.Papa and Daddy took him down the great big ones and he just loved it.With the little slide he would go down and be back up for more.The guy that was in charge of it told me he never saw a kid go down the thing so many times.I guess he doesn’t know our Buddy.Mike said when Alexis was little she was the same way.Landyn loved it too.I wish my other kids could have come too because I know they would have loved seeing the kids have so much fun.It was very sad when it was time to go home.Alexis wanted to go back to the water park this morning but I don’t think the adults were to game for it.I needed to get home for a nap.I guess things were not quite the same at the Merchants—-The twins were laid down for a nap but they decided to finger paint with ahhh Collins pizza from last night if you know what I mean.On the walls,carpet,window blinds, and themselves.Papa is on his way over there with the carpet scrubber right now.I guess the smell was quite bad.It must have been all that pepporoni.Hmm I wonder if she called poison control again…

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