Wonderful Sunday

Today has been one of those days that you just sit back and say Thank You Lord.Alexis and Peyton are staying a few days with me as I have some time off work.We went to church and I loved Pastors sermon today.Sometimes when he is in the pulpit he reminds me of John The Baptist preaching in the wilderness.The music was joyful and I could feel the Holy Spirit at work.I love days like this.I thought of all my kids and prayed for them too.I hope they realize that happiness comes from having Jesus in their life and not the pleasures of human want.We took communion and Peyton did not even ask for the wafer this time.What a good girl she was.It’s really to bad that she had to tell her Papa that today was her Dad’s birthday when it wasn’t.She got him to buy two peanut butter cups with that statement.One for her and one for her dad.Oh well with Miss P you just never know.God help the man she decides to marry.We had breakfast for lunch and Peytee  decided she likes dipping eggs.(OVER EASY) The girls are so happy here and I love having them.I just wish it would cool down so we could ride our bikes.In this menopausal part of my life anything over eighty degrees and I look like I just walked out of a Swedish Sauna.The joys of being in your fifties.There are times in the evening that I wonder who has the worst five o’clock shadow —-Hungarian Work Horse or ME! It wouldn’t be so bad if I was married to a guy that notices things like that,then if one sprang up maybe I could head it off at the pass.I know that is never going to happen.He once let me walk through Luke’s Grocery Market with my sweater on inside out,the shoulder pads flapping in the breeze.I guess he thought that was the style of the week.I can never be to careful with him because he thinks I am amazing and beautiful.I love it when he can’t find his glasses.

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