Yesterday after work I went to a funeral home with two of my friends.One of our good friend’s niece was killed in a four wheeler accident.Her name was Jenny and she was thirty one years old.She was a daughter,wife,and mother to two little boys ages three and one.Jenny’s mother has been fighting cancer for years and I wonder if she wishes she would have died from it so she could be with her Jenny now.That would be me.Jenny was an only child and her moms best friend.I cannot image what this mother is going through.I wish that every kid could see what grief does to a mother when one of her kids are taken from her.I pray that Jenny’s family will be able to heal from this.God is always present no matter where you are,but at times like this our human self can’t understand the meaning of such a senseless tragedy.I know for sure that I will hold all of my family a little closer after witnessing that mom.I hope my kids realize that every day they are alive is such a gift and that they will touch someone in some way.When we left the funeral home my friends husband told me we were a blessing. I hope people remember Jenny and this family.I just keep visualizing her fighting God (because that’s what moms do)that she just can’t leave her little boys and her mom.Then God telling Jenny that when she gets to heaven she will see the plan.God be with this family.

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