Today is Sunday.A day of rest.So we are plannig to attack the weeds in the yard.I can’t stand looking at them but I can’t stand the thought of going out there and pulling them either.Thank God for the Hungarian Work Horse I am married to.He is going into combat with me.The man has a never ending supply of workiness(yes I just made that word up)that is amazing.It takes him years of planning to do a project,but when he starts you better watch out.The weeds trick me off,because in my head our outdoors looks like the garden of Eden,to bad in reality it looks like one of the fields the farmers put into that government program that they do not have to plant.I wish I could be more like my sister Linda with the neatly trimmed grass and every thing color coded and matching.She told me she went to the post office and reported her mail person because they drove on some of her lawn.If I tried that my nerves would be shot thinking the mail would never be the same or they might put sheshe in my mail box.I can already picture this-HWH going to get the mail,(I never do because there might be a bill in there and then I get depressed)flies are swarming around our mailbox that looks like an old fashioned pump,a horrible outhouse smell all over the place,and the mailbox door shut tighter than a drum so you have to open it.Poor Hungarian Work Horse.He can’t help it ,he has to look,its like a thing with him.You never know we might have a million dollars in there or something.Yes that has happened several times in our life that is why we can’t afford a  GARDENER. A little sarcasm always makes me feel better.Well,I better get going.I think I will make some Banana Bread instead now that I scared up all of these ideas.Maybe I’ll just get the round up out and do a litlle spraying.Then all I have to worry about is somebody getting poisoned when they come over to visit…………………..

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